daily update 10.02.2010

What a day this has been!

I went home late last night because Chad was having such a good evening.
I left him with his parents, so they could have some time alone with him and I could get some rest.

I didn’t receive a call in the middle of the night, as is usual when I leave for the evening.

I arrived this morning around 9am…and I was shocked. Shocked is probably an understatement.
I fully expected him to be much like yesterday, sleeping mostly.

His mom told me he woke up around 5:30 this morning and was giving them a run for their money ever since.
He was trying to get out of bed, removing his clothing, talking.

He had a quick sponge bath and his parents washed his hair with some no-rinse shampoo.
Got him dressed.
Combed his hair.

At one point, he indicated that he wanted to get out bed and sit in his recliner.
We got the nurses to come in and try to help – but he was just to weak to offer them any help.
He didn’t get in the recliner – and he was so winded from trying that he dozed off for a little bit.

Around lunch time, I brought out a Snickers and a Coke, wondering he might like a bite.
Hey – chocolate and caffeine always makes ME feel better!
We were so excited that he wanted some.
He ate about half of the candy car and drank some Coke.
Then had a bite of a Kit Kat bar.
And drank more soda.

His mom had him dressed and ready for the NC State game, with a shirt brought to him by a coworker.
We had to make an adjustment yesterday to make it comfortable for him to wear – we cut it up the back so he could slip it on like a hospital gown and we wouldn’t have to worry about moving his arms or lifting his head.

I snapped this picture with my BlackBerry, to be able to show him later. You can see, too.

wolfpack shirt
He slept for a little while before the game, and I found that to be a great opportunity to take a nap myself.
When I woke up, he was wide awake, eyes fixed on the game.

He looked so good.
He even help up a finger every now and then to tell us to hush – his game was on.
He wanted to concentrate.

After a while, I asked him if he was hungry – if I could get him any dinner.
And he said, “You might as well.”
He wasn’t sure what he wanted, so I picked up a couple of different things.
He has not eaten in two weeks – I wanted to make sure he had a variety of his favorites!

I brought back a half rack of ribs and mashed potatoes – and some cajun pasta with diced chicken.
He ate. He drank some more Coke.
He didn’t eat a lot, but a few bites here and there.
It was enough for me that he actually wanted something, anything to eat.

And then he really surprised me.

He looked at me, reached his hand out, rubbed my arm and caressed my cheek.
Looked me straight in the eyes and said, “I love you, too.”
I fought back tears.
And told him I loved him, too — which is something we’ve always said.
There was never just “I love you”.
It’s always been “I love you, too.”

Because we know how we feel – I know how he feels – he knows how I feel.
And we never had to say a simple I love you – it was just a given.
I was surprised that he said that – and I was just so happy to hear the words come from him mouth.

I called the girls and put them on speaker phone so he could talk to them as well.
They were so excited to hear his voice.
I put them on speakerphone and they just started bombarding him with questions.
I think it might have been a little overwhelming for him, but he smiled.
Carys and Cailyn both asked him how he was feeling and told him, repeatedly, that they loved him.
He got out a sluggish “hey!” and said he was okay – and then told them, together, they he loved them.
They were giddy.

We hung up and he was getting tired.
He heard on of his favorite staff members out in the hallway attending to another patient.
Chad thought he was talking to him and he got a confused look on his face.
Then he shouted, “What? Sabally? I can’t hear you!”
I snorted. He actually called out, in a clear sentence! Amazing!
I explained that Sabally was helping someone else at the moment but I would tell him to come in when he got a chance.
And he did just that – came and spoke with Chad, sitting beside him and holding his hand.
He is one of Chad’s favorites here. He really enjoys Sabally’s company. And it’s clear that the feeling is mutual.
Last night when Sabally came on shift, he knelt beside Chad’s bed and said a prayer.
That meant a lot to me – to see how much everyone genuinely cares for my husband.

After talking with Sabally, I noticed Chad was tired.
And tired, he should be. He has had a long day, full of surprises for everyone.
I asked him if he wanted anything else to eat, anything to drink.
And he said, “milkshake.”
So, off I went on another errand.

When I finally got back with the shake, he was asleep.
No matter. It gave me time to talk with the staff and for Chad to get a brief period of rest.
He was due for meds, so we woke him up and introduced the shake. He ate about half of it!
Meds were given and now he’s winding down, watching one of his favorite movies (Gladiator).

He’s been trying to tell me things this evening, and he will get out half the sentence – then forgets.
I hate that. I really wish I knew what he was going to say.
I keep prompting him, trying to help him complete the sentence, but anything I offer is just not right.
“How-how-how-how much longer ’til….”
“How do I – do I – do I know if…”
“God is – God is – He is…”
“What are you – you – you going to…”

I really wish I knew the ends of these sentences.
But I’m thankful that he’s talking. Attempting to communicate.

And I am so thankful for today.
His belly is full.
His fever is gone.
His pain has been under control today.

A very good day.
A very good, fantastic, wonderful, amazing and love-filled day.

I have a special request.
Sabally is from Gambia, a small nation in western Africa.
He is returning there, for a visit, in November. He visits to take medical supplies to his country, to help in any way he can.
When he told me how impoverished the country was, that women delivered babies on concrete slabs, and there is no medicine – it just broke my heart. We have so much here, so much we take for granted on a daily basis.
He has touched me, and he has been so good to Chad.
And so many others have been so good to
us, to our family.
And I want to help. I want to give back in honor of what’s been given to us.
I plan to get together medical supplies, diapers, baby formula – anything – to send with Sabally on his trip.
I know so many of you are giving, kind-hearted people. And I just thought I would extend the invitation to you.
Anything helps. Anything at all.
Spend a little over $5 at the dollar store and buy rubbing alcohol, gauze, baby wipes, baby bottles, peroxide.
Have a half-used pack of diapers that you no longer need?
Have extra bottles of hand sanitizer, bandaids, medical supplies?
Are you a nursing mom who received baby formula samples and don’t know what to do with them?
Get it to me. I will get it to Sabally.
I would be so thankful.
And it will make a huge difference to someone many miles away.

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10 Responses to daily update 10.02.2010

  1. Tara Z says:

    OMG what a great blog today Skye!!! You got my tears flowin with good news today when he told you he loves you too— SOOO good to hear he got to tell you that!!! (even though you know it it is heartwarming to hear!) YAY about the milkshake too! =-) Thank You for telling us about Sabally– for those of us who need to mail stuff to you when woud you need it by to give to him? So glad you got some new GOOD memories today!!! =-)

  2. Kelly Marsh says:

    I can feel your happiness in this post Skye ….. I smiled the whole time I read this post, smiling right along with you!!!

  3. TraciDove says:

    So excited you were able to have this time with Chad! What an amazing day!

    Definitely let us know when to get some supplies to you for Africa!

  4. Crissiebeasley says:

    I am so glad today was a wonderful day! Most of all…I am glad Chad was able to tell you that he loves you…and he was able to talk to the kids and tell them he loves them too. Amazing! Wonderful…!

  5. swati says:

    I am so happy for u today.while reading chad's day I felt as if I could see you both smiling .Sometimes expressing feelings help encourage your partner.I am so happy for both of you.god bless.

  6. Flaminggrapes says:

    can you give us an address for those of us who would like to send stuff for you to Sabally for his upcoming trip?

  7. Pastorron7 says:

    GOD IS GOOOOOD!!!! I'm still believing for a miracle!!!

  8. Lucy Shell says:

    I would love to help. Would you please email me coltonsjourney@hotmail.com and tell me how to get the stuff to you. What a wonderous day!

  9. Candlesurgonnalove says:

    glad to here he had a good day it will all work out in the end i will try and get some stuff to mrs terry and have her get them to you

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