The Bucket

Since November 2007, Chad and I thoroughly discussed his dreams and what wishes he hoped to fulfill in his lifetime.
These desires were written hastily on napkins, in notebooks and the backs of business cards for nearly three years and finally, I’ve compiled his list in one place.
Some of the wishes have been fulfilled; most have not.

Chad never wasted a moment of his time; always tinkering with things or learning something new in hopes of bettering himself.
He never wasted a single moment.
And neither will we.
In honor of his tenacity and dedication to providing memorable lessons to our family, the girls and I will fulfill his bucket list.

In time, each task will be memorialized here with a photo and the date completed.
I hope you enjoy our continued journey of  life, love & laughter.
Most importantly, I hope you learn to live Chad’s most valuable lesson: Life is short. Don’t waste a moment.


1. Ride a Harley

2. Get a Passport – complete

3. Travel to the Caribbean with the girls – complete

4. Travel to Europe with the girls

5. Drive a race car

6. Skydive – complete

7. Go back to school – complete for Chad…I’m still working on this.

8. Take the girls to Disney World – complete

9. Train for and complete a marathon

10. Drive across the border Mexico – complete

11. Eat an authentic meal in Mexico – complete

12. Travel to California – complete

13. Tube down a mountain river with the girls

14. Take the girls to the Biltmore at Christmas – complete

15. Take the girls to a NCSU football game

16. Take the girls to a NCSU basketball game

17. Take the girls to the NC State Fair – complete

18. Swim with dolphins

19. Scuba dive – complete

20. Travel by train – complete

21. Visit family in New York – complete

22. Meet Philip Rivers – complete

23. Watch sea turtles hatch

24. Drive cross-country

25. Revisit Castle McCulloch

26. Hike the Appalachian Trail

27. Learn to wakeboard

28. Eat lobster in Maine

29. Walk my daughters down the aisle

30. Provide a college education for the girls

31. Learn to play the guitar

32. Touch a shark – complete

33. Travel to Hawaii

34. Touch Mayan ruins

35. Watch whales in Alaska

36. Travel to Africa

37. Complete a mission trip/help with Habitat

38. Take a cruise

39. Live with less

40. Anonymously help others – ongoing

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