Licky-what? and other Lanford updates

After waiting on pins & needles all weekend about Cailyn’s blood test, I heard from our PA Monday evening. The two tests he had in hand were negative. No Lyme’s. No Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. But we had to wait for the third test to come back Tuesday.

As luck would have it, I was away with Chad Tuesday afternoon while he had PRK performed (a laser eye surgery to try and help his right eye focus better). I missed the call, but my mom was here to talk to the PA.

“The third test is positive for a exposure to ehrlichiosis.”  And now I’ll just paraphrase:  with her current antibiotic, she should be just fine.
What the heck is licky-what?
You can read more about it at the CDC website, which is just what I did. (Click on CDC and it will take you straight to the ehrlichiosis page.)

It’s a bacterial illness that causes flu-like symptoms and can lead to more serious stuff if left untreated. Thankfully, we were on top of it and the little miss will be alright. If she shows any further symptoms this Summer, we may have to have her tested for Lyme’s again, as it can sometimes take a while to show up in the bloodstream and mimics many other common illnesses, so it’s hard to diagnose at times. I’m hoping we won’t have to worry about it. And rest assured I’ll freak out every time she catches a tiny cold this Summer.

She turns FOUR very soon and we’re planning her birthday party. She is so excited!

Chad handled his PRK well. He was in some pain last night, but it seems to be a bit better today. He had a follow-up exam this morning and will have to go in again on Friday to (maybe) have the contact lens removed in his right eye. The lens is there temporarily to help protect his eye and help everything stay in place as it heals.
This is the third eye procedure he’s had done in three years, so we’re hopeful that this one will help him see better and we’ll be done with laser eye surgeries.

He is chronically tired, which I don’t see improving. We’ve finally gotten the green light to try more Ritalin during the day, so we’ll try that and see if it helps any.

He has an appointment with his oncologist next week, as well as his neurologist. I see some more “trial-and-error” talks coming, which just makes me tired.

He did join us at the lake on Saturday for my cousin’s 21st birthday party. It was a long day for him, but I he stuck it out all day.

He cut his hair all off again. I’ll make him pose for a picture when he’s feeling up to it.
He looks like a fresh Army recruit, all shaved down.

Carys is doing great! She will complete kindergarten in a few more weeks. Her last day is June 10.
I can’t wait to see her walk across the stage for kinder graduation. So sweet!

And for me?
Staying busy.
Watching the miles turn over on the van from all the driving I’ve done recently.
Photoshoots are filling my free time! And I couldn’t be more excited about the things that are coming up!

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