Couldn’t make this stuff up if i tried! (update at end)

I was hoping for a restful and uneventful end to our week.
But. No.

Chad is doing well. He is still extremely tired, which is to be expected. He says he feels well (“normal” for him, anyway).

Yesterday afternoon, Cailyn came down with a fever. She was very tired. Her nose was running a bit — so I knew it was a cold coming on.
But. Wait.

Yesterday marked the tenth day that she was bitten by a deer tick. The tick was probably there for about 18 hours, maybe a little more, before we discovered it. I removed it with tweezers and I think I removed the whole thing. Deer ticks are so tiny that it can be hard to tell. Later that day, we found another tick on her collar bone, but it was much easier to remove.

Today…Cailyn has been complaining of flu-like symptoms. Fever. Chills. Headache.
And she has this on her back, right between her shoulder blades where the tick was embedded.


She has an appointment with her pediatrician at 11 this morning. She is feel so puny and I just hate that such a small little bug can wreak so much havoc on her little body.

I will update when I know what’s going on with her. I’m trying to stop Googling things about deer tick bites because it’s making me sick to my stomach.

Updated Saturday, 5/15 at 10:30am:
Cailyn was so lethargic at the doctor’s office yesterday that she didn’t make a sound or even close her eyes during the blood draw. They put the tourniquet on her tiny little arm and I was shocked that she didn’t freak out. I knew she felt bad, but geesh! She was such a trooper through all that.

The bloodwork results won’t be back until Tuesday.
We’re told it’s unlikely that it’s Lyme’s Disease (“rare” in our area), but it could be Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Or, Cailyn could have just had a localized reaction the bite and the reaction is just very similar to the more serious RMSF.

In any event, Cailyn also has a raging double ear infection — and hadn’t complained about her ears at all.
Her fever was extremely hard to manage yesterday, but finally broke after I made her soak in the tub all afternoon.
It’s hovering around 99 degrees today – I’ll take it!

She is on a heavy dose of antibiotics that are playing double-duty for the ear infections and tick bite reaction/infection.
I’m supposed to take her back in on Monday so they can have another look.

Thanks for keeping my little diva in your thoughts & prayers! She is, mostly, back to her diva ways as of this morning.

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  1. amanda says:

    Oh no Skye Lymes is no joke. I hope your girl is feeling better real soon.

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