More surgery in our future

But this time, it’s for Carys!

I took Carys to the ENT yesterday afternoon, fully aware that we would probably leave with a recommendation for a second set of ear tubes. She had ear tubes placed in January 2008. The first tube came out on it’s own a little over a year later. She immediately started having trouble with the ear. But it wasn’t a constant problem.
Then, the other tube was removed this past Summer. Within a month, she was in the doctor’s office with an ear infection.
She has had one at least once every month and half since then.
Poor girl.
We’ve been through all the antibiotics, and even started from square one with her meds.
Nothing helps. It seems it takes the edge off the infection, but doesn’t quite kill it!
About two weeks ago, Carys had a nasty little ear infection that perforated her ear drum. She has a very high pain tolerance and doesn’t complain until something really hurts…obviously.
The ear drum is healing well and she passed a hearing test with flying colors — but she still has a lot of fluid in both ears.

I knew ear tubes would be brought up again.
But I didn’t even think that the surgeon would recommend removing her adenoids, too. I should have thought about it, knowing that adenoids and ear problems often go hand-in-hand.

Let’s just say that Carys is less than thrilled about having surgery.
She is excited, however, to know that she’ll be on a strict soft food diet for a few days after surgery.
“Mommy…is ice cream a soft food? Because I think it is. But not broccoli.”


Tomorrow, Chad & I make the much anticipated voyage to Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.
We are packing a bag, just in case we need it.
It would not surprise me if he stayed a night or two and had a little surgery himself on Friday.
I’m not hoping that happens, but I’m going to be prepared.
Nothing surprises me these days, especially the outcome of these trips to Winston-Salem.

I was surprised, however, to learn that Chad had a seizure last night while I was at a business meeting.
He has been enjoying leisurely strolls through the neighborhood lately. Sometimes I go with him, but he’s usually fine on his own and agrees to stay on our street for the most part.
Last night though, he had a seizure at the beginning of his walk. Thankfully, he hadn’t gotten far from home when it hit and two of our neighbors were able to help him back home. My mom was here with the girls and was able to fend off  two very inquisitive little girls.
He wasn’t able to speak or walk for quite some time afterward, and I hate that I wasn’t here. I know that I can’t do anything to prevent or help him – but he’s also never had one when in the presence of anyone but me or medical staff. I just like to see it for myself; to judge how “bad” it was, if that makes sense.
I should have known that another seizure would be coming since the last one wasn’t that bad, at all.
He’s feeling okay today, but is tired and has a more pronounced headache.


I’ll probably update frequently tomorrow, as it will be a long day and I won’t have much to do besides wait for test results and appointments.

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