Appointment Day: Thurs, March 4

We left home this morning and dropped the kids off, just like normal.
As soon as I dropped Cailyn off at preschool, we hit I-40 and made our way to Winston-Salem.
We made a stop to grab a bite to eat at 10:45, and we arrived right at 11:30 for Chad’s appointment.
I filled out his paperwork because his hands start to shake pretty badly if he has to write any more than his name.

He was called back around 12noon. I’ve been busying myself with little things I’ve been neglecting; and soon realized it was 1:20. I thought, fo sure, he’d be out by now. When I asked what was going on, I was told that Chad didn’t actually get into the MRI machine until 1:05. Yikes.

We have an appointment at 1:30 with Dr. T — and we’re going to be LATE.
I think we have enough of a buffer that we won’t be late for our 3:45 appointment with Dr. L — I certainly hope so, at least.

He’s feeling okay today, I guess. It’s hard to tell sometimes because he is so quiet. He’s tired and his head hurts, which is pretty normal for him, unfortunately.

I’ll update again after we see Dr. T!

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