Photo time!

We had a great weekend, full of birthday parties.
Cailyn’s actual birthday is coming up this Saturday, but her party was a week early.
She had a lot of fun with her little friends and her cousins (we did a joint birthday party this year since their birthdays are so close!).

cai bday party & 5yr pics 056
On Sunday, we went to S’s party – one of Cailyn’s preschool friends.
I dressed the girls all matchy-matchy because I felt like exerting my motherly authority of “BECAUSE I SAID SO!” when they asked me why they had to be twins for the day.
They were so cute that I had to do an impromptu photoshoot after the party. Cailyn needed her 5-year portraits done anyway…

Enjoy the pics 🙂
More to come later this week during Cailyn’s birthday video!

cai bday party & 5yr pics 250cai bday party & 5 yr pics 2cai bday party & 5yr pics 231 bwcai bday party & 5yr pics 219cai bday party & 5yr pics 178cai bday party & 5yr pics 181cai bday party & 5yr pics 171

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  1. Amy says:

    These pics are AMAZING!

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