High Tea

Today I had the pleasure of escorting my beautiful little ladies to a birthday party.
Not just any birthday party, mind you — a tea party.
With fancy dresses.
And finger sandwiches.
And tea in dainty tea cups.
Needless to say, they were absolutely giddy.

Here are a few of my favorite images from today’s tea party.

Carys is listening intently to the day’s tea selection.
Peach, Orange or Blueberry.
I think she tried a bit of each.

A calm moment before the tea was poured.

Delicate PB&J, pineapple-cream cheese sandwiches; with the crusts removed, of course.
And little nibbles of fresh fruit.
My girls were in heaven!

The littlest Lanford Princess was able to attend – thank you, Shauna!
Tea parties are her thing, and she “can’t wait to invite her fwends to have tea, too!”

I asked her to eat neatly.
Apparently, this is what she thought I meant.

I was giggling at this scene.
She fidgets with her earrings when she is unsure about a new situation.
My little big girl, all dressed up, eating neatly at a tea house and fidgeting with her earrings.
Sweet, sweet girl.
She will be moving out before I know it, won’t she? Le Sigh.

And my other favorite image form today: Lucy couldn’t wait for me to go to bed.
It’s true I’ve been keeping odd hours lately.
So, this is where she thought she’d settle in for the night.

GS Tea Party 064

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  1. Traci Harrell says:

    Everytime I look at pictures of your girls I am am just blown away by their beauty!!! I would say they are “cute”, but they are beautiful!!! You and Chad made some pretty awesome little girls!!!!

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