To my Sweet Carys

I tucked you into bed about an hour ago, and you were ready. You were ready to go to bed – we’ve had a very full day. We played, we shopped, we went to the movies. And you were blissfully happy.

I just checked on you, and you were fast asleep. But you were mumbling to yourself, which you often do when you are anxious about something.
Sometimes, I stay and listen to your night mumbles. I so desperately want to know what it is your little mind is preoccupied with. But tonight, I already knew.
Today we did everything we could, as it was our last real day of Summer.

a009Tomorrow, your life will change forever.
You are embarking on a challenging (and fun!) path.

I know you are going to do so well; and I look froward to you teaching me a few things this year.

I can’t help but wonder how this next year will change you.
I am excited for you. I’ve had you all to myself for the last five-and-a-half years and I am confident that your daddy & I have done a terrific job. You are so prepared — and I can’t wait to see the sparkle of kindergarten confidence in your little blue eyes.

I am getting teary just thinking of how much things are about to change.
You will be more independent than you already are.
You will know things that I didn’t teach you — which I’m sure will come with a side of sass.
You will meet new friends that you will treasure. There will be sleep overs. And birthday invitations. And fun!
You will develop an understanding of things outside of our little bubble; outside our little family of four. The world is bigger than us, as you’ve guessed. But now, you’re really going to discover it.
You will learn. And do. And be….so many things. All at once.


It’s terrifying for you, I’m sure.
But I am so proud of you and I can’t wait to see what you’ll do with your opportunities this year.

I simply cannot wait to pick you up tomorrow afternoon and hear about your first day of kindergarten.

Spread those wings, baby.
I’m right here, hugs waiting.

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3 Responses to To my Sweet Carys

  1. Amy says:

    OH you did it again! You put into words what some of us mom's ( ok me lol) feel but can never get out right. Reading this makes you wonder about the friends they will make, and reflect on our school years in Stedman. How we may drift apart but we all share that connection of growing up together.

  2. auntcarmen says:

    I'm tearing up myself just reading this so I can't imagine how you must feel Skye. Carys is going to have a great time and I'm sure you and Chad prepared her well. Doesn't time fly by so fast? Knowing you, I'm sure you have a keepsake/momento book all ready to be filled with school memories. I kept one for Lance and gave it to him for Christmas a few years ago. He said he looks through it all the time. My tears kinda ruined a few pages while putting it all together but that makes it all the more special. Have a wonderful time in Kindergarten Carys! Love you!

  3. Brandysworld says:

    What a cute little Kindergartener! Her personality is just pouring out.

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