Many thanks. Many people.

There have been rays of light that have helped our family deal with Chad’s difficult journey.
I sincerely hope that I have not left anyone out.
I just started typing names as they came to me – and my memory is not quite what it used to be…
My apologies if I have left any one out; there are just so many people to thank. So much love.
Each of you listed here has been instrumental in my ability to stay sane and focused.
And I just can’t express my gratitude enough.

Thank you just doesn’t do it justice.
Whether it was a card, an email at the precise moment I needed encouragement, meal preparation that freed my time, an enveloping hug, letting my daughters cling to your husbands because they were craving some attention from a father figure, taking care of my honey-do list in Chad’s absence, a thoughtful smile or granting me a quiet moment alone – I appreciate it. More than you can ever know. More than I can ever express.

The staff & volunteers of Hospice of Wake County
Jennifer R.
Jennifer P.
Mary Margaret
Betty Ann
Jennifer G.

Annette Nunnery
Doc Nunnery
Blaine Nunnery
My Papa, Bob Rogers
Leanna Fann
Sandy & Bob Lanford
Brandon Lanford
Melynda & Haille Smith
Shannon, Todd, Landon & Bradon Knox
Donna, Sandy, Enoch, Lauren, Bree, Landon & Wyatt Smith
Candy, Wayne, McBryde Cameron, and Braxton Beaver
Rob, Tina, Corey & Codi Rogers
Carmen & Robby Johnston
Susie & Kevin Ball & Daniel Budd
Arnold & Mary Nunnery
Kiss & Jack Pridgen
LaVerne & Gary Gillis
Brad Gillis
Dawn & Jeff Brown
Mary Ava Nunnery
Joan & Jim Terry
Jim, Debi, Nick, James, Amanda & Skye Terry
Janine, Ed, Tara, Eddie & Tiffany and Lisa Bozydaj
Stacey Ricci & John Gallagher, Erica, Allison, Charlene, Andrew
John & Ginny Eckert

Mark Blanton
Jeff & Sabrina Crisp
Christelle & Chris Branson
Ryan, Carla, Hannah & Faith Jones
Zack & Jennifer Little
Steve & Kathy McKinney
Trevor & Kathy Cox
Brian & Melissa Williams
Jake & Lauren Rash
Nikki & Matt Sherril
Paula DeLong
Holly & Robert Rice
CK & Lily Su
Angela & Rubin Williams
Holly & Andrew Wagner
Loralee & Bob Elliot
Sherri & John Cabascango
Donna & Christopher Aldredge
April Lengel
Camille Watson
Shauna Millar
Tonya McKoy
Allison James
Lisa & Jeff Martin
Lyn & Andy Naylor
Mary Rebidue
Jim Kellenberger
Chrissy Beck
Leigh Sippel
Gary Sippel
Beth Hatcher
Jessica & Dave Mumford
Heather & Stefan Maksymiw
Becky & Mike Hutchinson
Shelley & Greg Bewley
Davis & Rose Stanley
Amanda & Johnny Gilliam
Harold & Kim Sublett
Wendy Dunn
Laurie Faulkner
Aimee Vanover
Susan Dillon
Holly Yanosik
Kelly & Joe Cox
Kelly Stoklosa
Heather Faircloth
Jennifer Jackson & Family
Jim & Marilyn
Hoot & Linda
Rich & Quintin
Laura Drose
Candace Sowards
Jimmy Crayton
Ruth Dees
Adrinne Beaver
Rita Parrish
Robin Copeland
Kim & Joey Herman
Amy Mathes
Christine Woods
Alan Holton
Malenna Orndorf
Laura Aponte-Hughes
Amber Williams
Peyton Armstrong
Ron & Sherry Aldridge
Candace Arnold

The congregation of Garner Advent Christian Church

The congregation of Stedman Baptist Church

The staff of Polenta Elementary School

The staff of Hocutt Memorial Preschool

Girl Scout Troop 3420

My Winter Wonders ’03 Family

Our NCDOT Family
Peggy Seymore
Joel & Sharon Cranford
Babita Savitsky
Zaker Alazzeh
Joe & Brenda Futrell
Chris & Kelly Howard
Mark Manriquez
Meredith McDiramid
Fred Adams
Ramona & Ted Atchley
Marilyn Shears
Libby Allen

The staff of Cancer Centers of NC
Dr. Elizabeth Campbell
Eileen Capel
Dr. John Reilly

The staff of Raleigh Neurology
Kitty Kovacs
Dr. Susan Glenn

The staff of Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
Dr. Stephen Tatter
Dr. Glenn Lesser
Mark Sizemore

The staff at WakeMed
Dr. Robin Koeleveld
The nurses on the Neuro Floor
The ER doctors, numerous

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