A day at the park

The girls and I are quite bored these days.
The pool is closed during the day.
We’ve seen all the movies on their list.
I’ve already purchased their school gear.
We’ve been to the museums.
On a whim, I decided to take a picnic to our local state park today.
It was hot, but the hiking trails are all in the shade.

They had a great time exploring and want to go back.
And they learned a lot, too.
Which is always a day well spent.



And this little stinker goes for Kindergarten assessment tomorrow.
Which means we’re one step closer to actually starting school – on September 9.




And Cailyn is super excited about Preschool open house next week.
She also starts school on September 9.

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  1. carlabjones says:

    Sometimes it is good to be bored. I see you found something fun to do! I hope Carys had fun today at school!

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