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Too Sweet (preview for you, Shannon)

This weekend, we joined the Knox Family to celebrate sweet Bradon’s first birthday. Shannon asked me to make the birthday cake, which I happily agreed to. I love making cakes — and I especially like trying new things. Bradon had … Continue reading

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Only three treatments in…

…and Chad is feeling pretty crummy. I actually called the radiation oncologist on call Friday evening because Chad was worrying me a bit. He’d been running a fever intermittently throughout the week, and having chills at night — even under … Continue reading

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Ask the Lanfords, Round 1

Actual questions in my inbox. I won’t divulge who asked what – but I hope you enjoy! And keep the questions coming! Anything you ask, meant for Ask or not, could show up here. Ha! What is your family’s favorite … Continue reading

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Itty Bitty Kitties (need a home)

Is there anything cuter than fluffy little kittens? Well, sweet little puppies. But we don’t have any of those on hand. For a moment, let’s forget about the mess the little fur balls create. I can almost overlook the random … Continue reading

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Friday Feast on Wednesday: Oatmeal Bars

I love to snack. I love to bake. And my kids do, too. I try to find new snacks and baked goods that are healthy, too. Sometimes, it’s struggle. Sometimes, I happen upon something like these tasty treats. They’re packed … Continue reading

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The black cat & what happened to my garden

A few weeks ago, the girls and I were watching a movie during a Spring shower. We hear what sounded like kittens meowing outside. Our cat, Fiona, had recently had three adorable kittens and we were trying to figure out … Continue reading

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First Day of Radiation

Today’s is THE DAY. Chad is at his first radiation appointment as I type this; actually, he should be one his way back by now. So, five weeks and 6 days left. He starts low dose chemo on Monday and … Continue reading

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I know you’re curious. I would be, too. You’ve been so patient, and have accepted my lame attempts at a verbal description. For some people, that’s enough. Not for me. I need to see things, feel them if I can. … Continue reading

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Big girl goes to camp

Ever since our fabulous neighbors invited us to Little People’s Retreat last year, Carys has asked me about camping. Not tent camping, because, quite simply, I don’t do that type of camping unless utterly necessary. Although I have promised the … Continue reading

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