Feeling the effects of treatment

Tomorrow (Friday, June 19) marks the end of Chad’s second full week of radiation.
And he’s been on Temodar (chemo) for 10 days now.
We’re starting to see the effects; some of which we were prepared for — but some we were not.

– Hair Loss; Chad just noticed it today
– Loss of appetite; he’s lost a considerable amount of weight in the last week
– Extreme fatigue; he’s simply exhausted
– Nausea; all the time. Medication helps, but we’re fighting with insurance for the one Chad needs
– Concentration issues; he has to focus very hard on talking and following a conversation
– Memory issues; he finds it difficult to remember things that happened a few days ago
– Speech issues; a little slur here & there. He concentrates on his words – a lot

– Metallic taste in his mouth; nearly all the time
– Change in tastes; not related to the metallic taste, things just taste different (and bad)
– Restlessness; all the medications make it difficult to sleep
– Shaky fingers/hands; his fingers sporadically shake
– Muscle weakness/quivering; in his legs only right now
– Change in handwriting; it’s very shaky and different from normal

But, surprisingly (and thankfully), no seizures.
I am still driving him to his daily appointments. Even though he has “clearance” to drive, we both know it wouldn’t be wise for him to do so. He’s dangerously exhausted. And his reaction time is delayed. I would be a nervous wreck if he did drive himself to the doctor.

I’ll keep you posted.
And if he decides to shave his head, I’ll be sure to get pictures of Chad Mr. Clean.

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2 Responses to Feeling the effects of treatment

  1. Aunt Carmen says:

    We just want you to know that we are thinking about you all the time thru this challenge.We are following your progress and cheering you on and hoping this “Roller Coaster” evens out for you soon.
    Carmen & Robby

  2. Ramona says:

    Chad is very brave. Hang in there and stay strong. Ya’ll are in my prayers.

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