Friday 3:45pm EST

Chad returned to his room about 2:00. He actually looks and feels worse than I expected.
I expected an immediate relief from the pressure and headaches. Now, I’m now told it could be a few days.

He just went down for yet another CT Scan to check the shunt placement and fluid drainage.
Dr. Tatter said the fluid was under immense pressure and shot out when they made they removed part of the skull.

Chad has three painful incisions this time around; one new craniotomy site behind the existing one, a large incision in his neck and a final site in his belly under his rib cage. He’s not able to turn his neck right now because it’s too painful.
They are not encouraging him to walk around this time; which is just fine by me. I’d like for him to up & mobile, but we did not sleep well last night and I”m afraid all the trauma and exhaustion will catch up with him if he tries to do too much too soon.

He’s starving and he still had an NPO order (nothing by mouth) when the lunch cart arrived. After he returned to his room & was assessed by his nurses, it was determined he could eat whatever he’s like. I headed down to get him something to eat, but when I returned he was being carted off to CT. Poor thing. Hopefully, he’ll be back soon and be able to scarf down some food before they start another flurry of tests.

When he’s feeling better, he’s going to freak out about his new hairstyle. Picture a reverse mohawk; a 2.5″ strip shaved down from the top of his forehead all the way to his neckline. It’s a little off center, so it’s especially…special.

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