Babies & Blessings

Tonight, I had the honor of meeting the newest addition to our extended family, little Liam Rylee.
You can tell he adores me already.

Liam Rylee 090
He was born around 5:30 this evening, via c-section. And he is just perfect.

Congratulation to Enoch & Lauren!

Whenever I see or hold a newborn baby, I am in awe.
Having had two babies myself, I know where they come from. I know how they are made.
But it still just completely boggles my mind that something so perfect and whole is created from a series of events that allow microscopic cells to create a PERSON.

Babies are just amazing. If you’ve ever seen an ultrasound of an eight-week-old baby, you know it looks like a little bean.  A bean with a heartbeat.
And it forms organs and limbs and facial features and, well, it’s just amazing.
A blessing.
A miracle.
A perfect little taste of what Heaven must be like, really.

Liam Rylee 036

After the exhausting week we’ve had at the Lanford House, it was refreshing to experience a little amazement.
I spent some time at the hospital tonight and was fully aware of all the blessings around me, especially the arrival of Liam. Babies have that effect on people me.

I have been a little frustrated this week, which ultimately lead to me being quite angry with Chad’s medical team.
And then I took a step back and just looked at the bigger picture.

It’s true; I have many reasons to feel frustrated, and even angry.
But I have so many more blessings and things to be thankful for.
I lose sight of that sometimes. I’m human.

I have healthy children…if we don’t count ear infections.
I have a plan to manage my own health better.
I have a little slice of bliss that I call home.
I have great friends that support me and help me without a second thought.
I have a phenomenal family that builds me up and doesn’t judge me for any decisions I make for my family.
I have a husband that I love dearly. And I’m fairly certain the feeling is mutual…
I have two children that have amazing little hearts and souls.
I have an extremely flexible boss friend that keeps my family first and work second.
I have a mother that sacrifices much in her own life to help me manage mine.
I have people in my life that I’ve never met – but they support our family just the same.
I have peaceful, full heart. And I give God total credit.

I have what I need.
Faith. Friends. Family. Love. Laughter.
Little blessings. Big blessings. Blessings, all the same.

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  1. Very touching post. Thanks for sharing!

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