Another tooth, another dollar

The school called today. Which is never good.

When I heard Chad and the teacher talking about an accident involving Carys, my heart hit my feet.
Then I quickly realized that Carys knocked her tooth out.
I started to panic a little bit.

Then I remembered she has had two wiggly top teeth.
And sure enough, she knocked out a wiggly one.
About time she got rid of one of these pesky teeth. They have been wiggly for at least 4 months.

I’m trying to convince her to pull the other one out now.
I hear the ToothFairy pays big bucks if you lose more than one tooth in 24 hours.
And it’s Wednesday. Our neighbor, Hannah, declared that the ToothFairy pays DOUBLE on Wednesday.

Four teeth down. Many, many more to go.
Le Sigh.
The ToothFairy may have to make an ATM run.


And tonight while eating dinner, the other little tooth started to give her some problems.
So, it’s missing now, too.
Is this a cute little grin, or what?!?


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3 Responses to Another tooth, another dollar

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  2. bl1944 says:

    Who did that? The Easter Bunny?

    Memaw & Poppi

  3. Brandysworld says:

    Look at that grin 🙂

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