More signs of Spring

I found my first poisonous spider and snake of the season. Joy. Yippee.
The only thing I really love about Winter is that snakes hibernate. And I can live in blissful ignorance and refuse they exist all together. (And it was a young black widow. And a young copperhead, in case you’re curious.)

The girls have soccer practice – Cailyn on Mondays. Carys on Tuesdays.
Gosh, I am s0 tired on Wednesdays.

Carys has Girl Scouts every other Thursday.
I really struggle to remember which day she is supposed to go.

The grass needs cutting on a semi-regular basis now.
Chad actually felt like cutting the lawn last week!

The grill needs a little tune-up.
Or we need a new grill. We’re not sure which is more costly yet.

The cat has about 12 mini heart attacks a day while chasing the bountiful birds and squirrels in the backyard.
By the way, thank goodness I got my cat spayed! It’s cat-matin’ season…I hear them “singing” as I type this.

The van needs washing, but it’s in the shop.
I miss that van. Those are four words I never thought I’d say.

Spring Break is next week.
And we’re actually getting out of town for a few days. Ahhhhhhhh!

And yet, it’s not officially Spring until there is a yellow sheet of pollen covering my sidewalk.
And van.
And seeping in through the windows.
I’m sure that’s coming. And soon.

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  1. Memaw & Poppi says:

    Who did that? Was it the Easter Bunny?

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