daily update 10.24 – 10.25.2010

Throughout the day Saturday, Chad had a hard time managing pain.
The drug port was taken out because it was causing him discomfort.
And then it was reinserted because he needed morphine so frequently through the day.

On Sunday, he was more lethargic.
The staff repositioned him in bed and woke him up. His dad gave him a shave and I had to leave – Carys’ Girl Scout ceremony was at 2:30.

I called to check on him at midnight and was told that he was sleeping peacefully and was chatty with the nurses earlier in the evening.

Cailyn & I visited Chad briefly this morning.
He was, once again, sleeping.
I tried to wake him, to no avail. He opened his eyes once, but closed them almost in the same second.
We gave him lots of huge and kisses and went on our way.

I called to check on him around 10pm and was told that he was pretty subdued today and tonight, so far.
Not really talking, but resting well and seems to be comfortable.

Tomorrow, both girls will be in school so I will be able to spend a little more time with him.
This weekend was such a whirlwind and I’m personally thankful that Monday has come & (almost) gone.

I have a lot to share with you from the past couple of weeks.

Lucy caught the blasted mole that has been tunneling through my backyard for a year or more.
I told Chad about it & he smiled.

Here are some belated fair pictures…

Carys was invested Sunday — which means she is a full-fledged Daisy Scout.
I baked the cake for the reception following the ceremony…

aug-sep-oct 2010 081GS invest ceremony 093GS invest ceremony 132

And then I snapped a few pics with my small camera just because …

GS invest ceremony 163GS invest ceremony 146

And then tonight, after the last raindrop was ringed from the gloomy clouds above our house, we went out to play.
Cailyn begged me to take a picture of her new little slimy friend, “Gary”. She couldn’t quite understand why Gary wouldn’t sit still while she tried to build him a snail house.
She finally let Gary be free. Without ‘loving’ him to death (literally – it’s the sweet demise of far too many critters & creatures around here).

And I got a little carried away with other pictures.
Everywhere I looked, there was something beautiful.
Something that longed to pose for me and my lens.
I really, really, really need to make a point to take a few creative pictures at least once a week right now.
It makes me feel good.
And I really, really, really need that.

Last week, a dear friend gave me the last rose from her garden.
It’s a beautiful homage to the change of season and I just love it.
I snapped a few pictures of it this evening and plan to use at least one shot (there are many not posted here) for a project I’m working on for Hospice.


At one point during our playtime this evening, I looked down and realized we were all wearing Crocs.
Carys, Me. Cailyn.
We’re just missing Chad’s huge, bright red NC State Crocs.
We miss him.
So, so much.


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4 Responses to daily update 10.24 – 10.25.2010

  1. Laura A. says:

    Love the new pictures, especially the ones of the snail! There is beauty everywhere you look in nature and you have captured that so well in those pictures!

  2. Chris says:

    hello, My name is Christina Oursler. I am having to delurk here. I have been reading for a while through another blog…then I lost your blog address a few days ago and searched for two hours to find it. Then I read your daughter was invested into daisies. I thought I would post a comment. I am sorry about your husband. I watched t he video the other day and thought “how beautiful is his smile when he says your daughter's names.”
    I have two daughters and am a co leader of my youngest daughter's junior troop. I have a blog as well, so you can stop by and see my face and not be too freaked out by having a previous lurker delurking. lol.
    that is a beautiful cake and I love your photos. I hope your week is great and that Chad wakes up and is chatty this week for you.
    God bless.

  3. Scabby says:

    I wish I had just an ounce of your creativity!!!!! I'm SO jealous 🙂

  4. Heather F says:

    love all the pics! and the cake is superb!!

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