Minnie Mouse makes a visit to the girls

As soon as we could, we requested a wish from the Dream Foundation – it’s like Make A Wish, but for adults with life-limiting illnesses.
We were approved for a trip to Disney, but Chad wasn’t up for travel at that point.
We then decided to use the Foundation’s resources to plan the friend’s gathering. By the time we got that worked out, Chad wasn’t up for it.
So the Foundation decided it might be best to send a package of Disney movies, costumes and popcorn for Carys & Cailyn. if you know my girls, you know their favorite thing to do is watch movies – so this was a perfect compromise.

Late last week, I received a call from the Foundation, letting me know that they would really like to hand deliver the package by way of a volunteer in our area — dressed as Minnie Mouse! I knew the girls would flip over this – how much fun would that be for them!

We discussed dates and times and finally came up with a plan that worked for everyone — and that day was today.

The girls kept asking where Minnie was, as they overheard me tell Chad that she was coming.
She finally appeared around noon, and the girls were just electric!
Cailyn took to Minnie right way. Even though Carys was excited, she was also scared. She cried and hid under the table — poor kiddo! She kept saying, “You look so creepy! I want you to leave!” Poor Minnie, too. I think she was upset that she has frightened Carys.

Shannon just happened to pop in for a visit with Chad as all of this was unfolding – so I had a photographer. I’m usually behind the camera, and Chad was sleeping pretty deeply at the time, so I was glad to be bale to participate with the girls.

The girls got a some popcorn, and the following movies to add to our collection of Disney favorites: Mary Poppins, UP, Finding Nemo, TinkerBell, and High School Musical. They also both received a Disney costume – TinkerBell for Cailyn (which she promptly slipped on over her clothes) and Cinderella for Carys.

As soon as the commotion was over and Minnie left the building, Chad appeared around the corner with Shannon. She was wheeling him outside for some fresh air. We soon joined them and enjoyed some time together under the shade in one of meditation gardens.

minnie mouse visits

After the girls calmed down from the Minnie Mouse escapade, I took them over to the mall to Build-A-Bear, courtesy of the Brewer Family. They each picked out the same stuffed animal – a gray kitty. I haven’t gotten pictures of them yet, but I will…

And we, of course, had to venture to the Hello Kitty and Disney stores for more treats.
They had a great day and were B-E-A-T. They couldn’t wait to get home for “a big fat nap.”

A huge thank you to the Dream Foundation, who have been phenomenal in trying to help us make memories for the girls.
A huge thank you to the Brewers, who put big smiles on my kiddo’s faces as they stuffed & dressed brand new best friends.
A huge thanks to Hospice of Wake County, who didn’t even blink an eye when we asked permission for Minnie to visit.
And a huge thank you to Shannon who took over the photo responsibilities so I could hang out with my kids this afternoon.

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3 Responses to Minnie Mouse makes a visit to the girls

  1. Sherri Cabascango says:

    HOW AMAZING!!!!! Such a wonderful dream come true!
    Love, Sherri

  2. Camillebwatson says:

    YOU and your beautiful family are amazing! Can't wait to see you and the girls at DS Thursday!

  3. Amy says:

    So glad the girls enjoyed their visit with minnie. From looking at the pictures it looked like a a fun day. I also know maybe why Carys hid…Minnie had on Mickey's clothes lol. Glad to hear that your family has had a couple of good days, all of you deserve it!

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