Another day, another fall

Chad hasn’t fallen since Sunday.
Then, this morning around 6am, he fell when trying to get out of bed.
He was adamant that he didn’t need my help, but I hovered anyway.
It took him a little while, but he did get himself up — all by himself.

When I asked him about it a few hours later, he had no recollection of falling.

We switched Chad over to the Fentanyl patch (for pain) earlier this week.
I put it on him, not thinking much about it.
Until it went missing!

I was freaking out, searching for the darn thing everywhere.
I checked the trash cans, I checked the sheets, I checked his clothes.
I finally gave up, but was nauseous thinking the girls (or the dog) would pick it up and receive a dose of medication that could be fatal to their little bodies.

As I was changing the sheets last night, I found it!
It was attached to his pillowcase and I know I checked that the other day a few times.
It’s very small – and clear. Definitely makes it hard to see.


When I placed the new patch yesterday, I covered it with Tegaderm (a “second skin” type tape that I use for my insulin pump), and I marked it with a Sharpie so I could see it a little better.
Let’s just hope there are no more missing patches!


Cailyn has really missed Carys this week.
Last night (Thursday), Carys spent the night at camp. I was anticipating a phone call to pick her up because I wasn’t sure if she was ready to spend the night away like that without me. Luckily, it was at the same place we camped last weekend, so I feel certain that helped calm Carys down a bit. She was a little weepy when I dropped her off yesterday morning, but I never received a call, so I am sure she did okay.

Cailyn slept in Carys’ room last night, all snuggled in with her sissy’s favorite stuffed animals.
She won’t admit that she misses her big sister, but that was proof…

Cailyn has been enjoying all of our help/visitors.
She’s especially enjoying her time with “Quiet” (Wyatt), her cousin who is just too cool!
Wyatt has been offering manicures and pedicures, letting her listen to the music on her phone and youtube videos of cackling babies.
Cailyn loves it!
Here she is working on her ‘puter, just like Quiet.


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