Busy week!

This has been a very busy, very good, very productive week.
Seems like my weeks will be this way for a while.

Bring. It. On.

I am a list maker, and I’ve been checking things off my list at rapid speed this week.
Which is good.
But I also feel like I cannot sit still and constantly have to be doing something.
Chad told me I need to slow down.
I’ll have to try that next week while on vacation…

Anyway, our bustling week didn’t technically start until Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday were pretty low-key.

On Wednesday, we attended an employee appreciation lunch at Chad’s old office. They typically hold it much later in the Summer/early Fall, but they moved it up so Chad could attend. I thought that was so sweet of them. They have been so good to us in the last few years, and I know for a fact that they miss my husband being in the office everyday. He misses them, too.
Here is a snapshot from that day.

Chad and Skye
On Thursday, we met with Hospice. A social worker and nurse came out to the house for a information session. Chad was in bed during the majority of the meeting; I think the previous day really wore him out.
We made the decision to move forward with Hospice, and signed the paperwork. One less item off my list.
They mentioned a few things we might need before our team arrives (after our Great Wolf Lodge adventure next week)..and they were on their way.
Thursday evening, some of our dear friends came over for dinner. I cooked – which I haven’t done in a while. It was nice to catch up.

On Friday, I was surprised with an arrival from Hospice – a cane that we had decided might be useful during our travels. Chad walks fairly well, but does have his moments of being unstable.  We also received two FedEx packages of medications. He’s going back on steroids…but that’s a discussion for another post.
We met with some of Chad’s former co-workers for lunch. More great food, good friends & much laughter.
Then we met with a pastor pal of ours for coffee.
Chad was so tired at this point, so I dropped him off at home and ran errands all afternoon.
We met with our visiting friends at Rush Hour Karting, because Chad wanted to challenge his college roommates to a race.

I do believe they had a great time.
But you judge for yourself.


We ended the night by busting our guts at Logan’s. Blue Moon, ribs, yeast rolls. Then a trip to Goodberry’s to round out the evening.
I swear, I still can’t think about eating. We ate more food on Friday than I’ve eaten in the last week.
Yes. I’m serious. It was all so good, too!

On Saturday, we hung out around the house with Brian until he had to leave for the airport. He brought us breakfast from Bojangle’s…which was, of course, divine.

It was so good to see Trevor, Kathy & Brian. It meant so much to Chad to have them here for a couple of days.

Plans are starting to shape up for Chad’s Friends Gathering next month.
I have nailed the location down to Johnston Community College Performing Arts Center (I think…ha!) — and the date is almost firm. I’ll share details as soon as I have them.

We leave Monday for the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord and a day trip to the Lazy 5 Ranch nearby. We’ll also being seeing our buddy Leigh S. — another fun, full week!

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