Happy Birthday, my sweet Cailyn!

Dearest Cailyn,
Four short years ago, I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my second daughter.
I fantasized about your newborn scent, the grasp of your tiny fingers upon mine and the first precious time I would see you smile or hear you giggle. I hoped you would have a fantastic bond with your older sister. And I just knew that you would complete the circle of our family.

Now, four years later, you are still my baby.
You still like to rest your hand in mine.
Your smile and giggle still make me chuckle.
You are your sister’s best friend. And at times, her worst enemy. But I hear that’s pretty typical with sisters.

You have grown so much this last year.
You started preschool. The first few days, you cried. And I expected it. Anyone that knows you also knows that you are a true mommy’s girl. You would grip my legs/arm/shirt/whatever as tightly as you could when presented with strangers or a different situation. But this year? This year the grasp has loosened.

You have learned to write your name and draw dandy little people and animals.
You make me cards every chance you get and I’m afraid I will have to rent a storage unit to house all of your artwork.

Precious, you are.

This year, though, you have also found your sass. And your squeal. And your attitude.
You are finding yourself.
I feel so privileged to have a front row seat to the everyday theatrics of Cailyn’s World.

You love dressing up and having tea parties.
You play with your Littlest Pet Shop collection for hours.
You have learned what a Pinky Promise is and we perform this little ritual several times a week when I mention we might have an ice cream sundae for good behavior.
You like things done a certain way, or Cailyn’s World falls apart.
And that’s okay, because you’re also learning a lot about compromise and consequences.

Before school started this year, we moved you out of your sister’s bedroom and gave you your very own room.
You were so proud. You painstakingly placed your toys and cherished possessions in “just da wight spot”. Oh, and I pity the fool who tried to “clean” your room, for you knew where each item belonged.
You started announcing it was time to nap and would happily tuck yourself into your own bed whenever you felt the need. You just liked hanging out in there.
You still do, but I’m finding you snuggled up next to your sister more and more these days. And I think it’s absolutely adorable that you would rather fight for your share of the blanket than be apart from Carys.
You love her so, so much.

You’ve turned into Daddy’s Buddy this year, too.
You’ve always been attached to my hip; and I have SO loved walking into the the living room to see you cuddled with Daddy in his chair, watching television. You’ve loved having him home so much.
You want to help him do things, like cut the grass and check the mail. And you get so excited when Daddy joins us for an excursion to the park, beach or even the grocery store.

Your favorite things in the world, in no particular order, are:
Maisy Mouse, your beloved tag-a-long.
Being outside until you get dirty. Then you’re done.
Lucy the wonder dog.
Fiona the wonder cat.
Ice water.
“Swimming”. Which is really you just begging me to hold you in the pool, lake or ocean.
Naps time. Seriously. You love a “big fat nap.”
Gummy worms.
Bubble gum. You try so hard to blow bubbles.

I still can’t believe you’re four.
Sometimes you act much older than that.
And sometime you have to remind me that you “are still vewy tiny, Mommy”.

Very often, you will stop what you’re doing and run to me, so excited.
“What is it, CaiCai?”
“I just had to tell you I love you so much, Mommy!”
And off you go, to play and laugh.
Those are the best moments of my day, every day.

My baby.
My sweet, sweet Cailyn.

Happy Birthday sweet girl.
I hope you always know I love you as high as the sky and as deep as the ocean.

Music: John Mayer, The Heart of Life
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3 Responses to Happy Birthday, my sweet Cailyn!

  1. Christelle says:

    awwwww 🙂

  2. sip says:

    love it, skye!!! she's such a big girl now!!

  3. Amanda says:

    Gosh Skye your Cailyn is truly a beautiful little girl. It's so hard to believes our *babies* are 4.

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