Little update

Sunday – Easter. Girls were cute in their dresses and their bellies were full of chocolate by 8am. Went to church. Had to find the ONLY urgent care center open on Easter Sunday for Carys her pet ear infection. Had family over for lunch. Turned my laptop in for repair – again. Hope to have it back soon.

Monday – Left for Asheboro. Girls really enjoyed the pool and hot tub at the hotel, and dinner at Rockola.

Tuesday – Enjoyed the zoo, 10am – 3pm. It was hot. The girls were whining. We skipped quite a bit – but I’m at peace with it. If you add this trip to the last trip almost 2 years ago, then we have successfully seen everything at the zoo at some point. Chad did well with all the walking and heat. We all participated in a big fat nap before dinner. Girls, again, really enjoyed the pool and hot tub at the hotel. And dinner at Chili’s.

Wednesday – Home. Tired. Hungry. I cooked for the first time in a week, I bet.

Thursday – Heard from Chad’s neurologist. He was denied a drug that really seemed to help. Still ticked at insurance, but also thankful to have it. Partied at the park with our neighbors. Faith’s 6th birthday! Pizza & cake for dinner. I am forgetting how to cook. Carys is not thrilled about going to school tomorrow for a snow make-up day.

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