You’re kidding me, right?

On Wednesday, I was involved in a little fender bender en route to Carys’ school.
No injuries.
We’re all okay.

Some of you saw my FaceBook updates as I passed time waiting for the Po-Po (my brother says that’s cool lingo for “police”. I’m cool enough to use that word, right?). It was a long wait – and thankfully I have a great friend who was willing to take Carys to school for me. Cailyn, though, had to wait things out with me. She didn’t mind though. She happily watched the Polar Express for the 43rd time.

The authorities came after an hour. We exchanged versions of the incident — which was not my fault, for the record. Some of you may remember that I was rear-ended in October. Which again, was not my fault. People just like to hit me, I guess.

Today, I finally got in touch with the other driver’s insurance company – which, coincidentally, is the same insurance company I dealt with last year. Which – for the record – was not my fault. I’m just sayin’….

Repairs should be made (and I should receive a rental) within the next week or so.
I was feeling pretty accomplished today; resolving this issue as quickly as possible.

And yet, I forgot something.

I forgot that I would receive a few letters from local attorneys who would love to represent me if I decided I was injured from being rear-ended at 5 miles per hour.
I cannot believe I forgot that.
Last time I was involved in an accident (that wasn’t my fault, remember?), I received four letters from attorneys and chiropractors.

Oh. But. This. Time.
This time was special.

lawyers! 002

I received FIFTEEN letters today.
The accident was on Wednesday morning. Today is Friday. They didn’t really waste any time, now did they? They had to have those letters in the mail Wednesday afternoon. Heck, I couldn’t even get the insurance company to answer the phone until this morning!

Then, I felt a little deflated.
All those letters weren’t actually for me.
Oh no, friends.
Because my children were in the van with me, they each also received a letter from various attorneys and chiropractors.

I told them they had mail.
They were excited.

lawyers! 004

Then, they lost their excitement when they tore into each envelope and discovered a-whole-lot-a-nothin’ to be excited about. They thought the letters with magnets inside were cool. And I now have a permanent reminder on my fridge that I have a personal accident attorney who is always on my side, lest I ever forget. I have tried to throw it away a few times. But Cailyn insists it’s hers and I am under strict instructions not to touch her stuff – it came in the mail with her name on it. So…I assume the refrigerator magnet fairy will be making a visit soon. I’ll have to tell Cailyn a story about some poor little kids that have no fridge magnets…

I just can’t believe the amount of money that was wasted in sending me letters, magnets, CDs (oh, yes!) and full-color press printed STUFF that I do not need or want.

All of that hoopla….for a little scratched, banged up, slightly messed up rear bumper.
Are you kidding me?!?


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3 Responses to You’re kidding me, right?

  1. amberferrell says:

    Wow…have GOT to be kidding me! That is totally insane!! Now, to pick my chin up off the floor…

  2. leigh says:

    That's just crazy. I was in an accident once a LONG time ago (also not my fault) and received the same kind of thing. The picture of the girls is too cute!

  3. carla says:

    Only in America! Glad your okay! Now your bumper looks like my bumper! Except my boo-boo was my fault…you gotta watch out for those cart guys at Wal-Mart!

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