Changing Careers

Today was a lot like most days.
But it was also a bit different.

Chad changed careers, so to speak.

After picking Cailyn up from preschool, Chad and I ventured to his office.
He cleaned out his cubicle and turned in his ID badge.
We had been discussing it for a while, and he decided he had put it off long enough.

A few friends helped him box up everything from his career in civil engineering.
Those seven canary-yellow boxes now reside in our mudroom, stacked half-way up the wall.
And there they will sit until we locate theĀ  determination to find a permanent location for their contents.

Books. Calculators. Rulers.
(Which I’m sure all have fancier professional names than that…)

We spoke to a few of Chad’s co-workers and I entertained Cailyn while Chad’s boxed-up career was loaded into the back of our van.

Was it hard?
Chad worked so hard and genuinely enjoyed going to work before he was diagnosed.
He was always thinking of ways to do his job more effectively and help others do the same.
He studied and sacrificed so much to complete his Master’s Degree and Professional Engineering license.

My neighbor & I were talking yesterday afternoon, and he said something that validated a topic I’d been pondering lately.

He said, “You know, Skye, sometimes bad things happen. But who’s to say that it’s not really a good thing? God doesn’t make mistakes….Chad no longer works. But that means he’s home with you and the girls.”

And it’s absolutely true.
God does not make mistakes.
He makes statements.
And sometimes we struggle to determine the meaning behind it all.
I know what God wanted to share with us this time:

This is not the end of his career.
It’s the beginning of a new one.

He is with US.
He’s a Full Time, Stay-at-Home Dad.
And a Full Time, Stay-at-Home Husband.

We’ll have more memories.
We’ll have more laughs.
We’ll just have…Chad.
We’ll have more time.
More time together.

I just hope Chad doesn’t expect me to pay him.
I forgot to mention it was a non-paid position when he accepted my offer.

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5 Responses to Changing Careers

  1. shannonknox says:

    Awesome is all I can say………

  2. shannonknox says:

    Well actually, I am truly happy that you and Chad found your way to eachother— even if you had some help!!! lol

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I have worked with Chad – and he is truly an amazing engineer/person. I'm sure he is truly an amazing dad/husband. Cause that's how Chad rolls!
    Prayers to Chad and the family for and amazing next career!

  4. CyntLynn says:

    Chad and Skye, I am so glad that I was able to see you all the other day in the office. Your family is amazing. I admire the love and constant support you all have for one another. Your girls are ABSOLUTELY beautiful. My prayers and the prayers of my church family will be with you.

    With love & God bless,

    Cynthia S.

  5. Lori Jones says:

    Skye, I had such a great time “studying” over the phone with Chad for those couple of years while we were in the Masters Program together. Also, we both started working on our PE around the same time. What a grueling time…trying to work on that around school and family. What a great guy and he was always willing to help me. I was fortunate in my professional career with DOT that I still got to deal with Chad some on Safe Routes to School projects. So awesome and sad at the same time that Chad's desk at DOT is cleared out. Enjoy every minute!

    By the way, my Caris is now 5 months old. I emailed Chad about using your Carys' name when I was pregnant with my twins. I always loved that name! Hopefully, she will grow up to be as beautiful and fun-loving as yours seems to be.

    Always in my prayers.

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