Frustrated with medications — again.

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Chad was originally scheduled to see Dr. Tatter, Dr. Lesser & receive an MRI on February 8. But, of course, that appointment was canceled because Dr. T had to be out of town. The next best date they could schedule? MARCH 4.
This just frustrates me beyond belief.
The main reason I’m annoyed is that Chad is nearly out of medications for pain.
I call to get a refill and to talk to the PA about trying something different. This is a conversation we have nearly every month.

He (the PA) really wants to help Chad. He says he’s going to look into a few other options & call me back.
A few hours pass, and he does call back.
Only to let me know that Chad is on the strongest dose of the strongest medicine they want him on right now.
In other words, they won’t give him anything different until they see him in the clinic.
I ask, specifically, what drugs are next in line — and I’m told “heavy-duty narcotics. Morphine. Dilaudid. But….”
There is always a ‘but‘.
“…but we don’t want to put him on those until we see him in the clinic and assess his pain level.”
When I explain that we won’t be back until MARCH FOURTH, he admits that’s a long time, but he’s sorry – there’s nothing else they can put Chad on until then. He understands that his currents meds take an HOUR or more to kick in, and they only make Chad tired. The medications don’t really do anything for the pain.

And I understand, too.
We’re getting to the point with pain medications where it’s a fine balance between controlling pain and doping Chad up. I don’t want Chad to suffer through either of those options.
I want him pain-free.
And I want him to be him, at least as much as he can be now.

It’s also important to note that when Chad goes for an appointment and they are assessing his pain level, he always downplays it. They ask, “how are you?”, he says, “okay.”
He doesn’t elaborate.
He doesn’t tell them that he is in bed because his head hurts too bad to sit up and get out.
He doesn’t tell them that his memory is getting worse, daily.
He doesn’t tell them that he often forgets which pain meds he’s taken.
Or how often he took them.
Or, if he didn’t.

I know the doctors and PAs think I am blowing things out of proportion.
But…I don’t really care what they think.

I don’t think Chad knows how to clearly define the way he does feel on a regular basis. For instance, he’s been out of bed a little more than normal lately. I always think that means he’s feeling marginally better. And he always reminds me that he’s not feeling better; he’s just used to it and trying to move forward.

He really does want to get out and see his friends, do things. But he just can’t.
He can’t handle noise or talking or too many people.
He really does miss everyone though – I guarantee you!

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