The morning after

Chad is feeling a little bit better today & we both slept well last night.
He is determined to go home today, but I am not so sure.
The medical team is trying to wean him off the dilaudid and stay on vicodin only, but I’m not very optimistic about that.
They didn’t see anything on the CT or x-rays that would cause all the pain he’s had.

Chad says his head hurts less today, but the other pains all over his body (suture sites and routing of the tubing) is pretty intense. On a scale of 1-10, he says his head is a 3; the rest of his body is a 10.

He’s been up, walking around the room. But he hasn’t ventured outside the room yet. The dilaudid makes him a bit wobbly and sleepy, so he’s been in bed or sitting in a chair for most of the time.

He is really itchy — and we suspect it’s the dilaudid (because it seems to occur shortly after it’s introduced through his IV). He’s not breaking out in hives, but continually scratches and rubs his legs, feet and back. I keep checking him for little bumps or hives, but don’t see any. Very strange.

He’s been eating well and I bet that has helped him feel a bit better.

The nurse checked his incision sites this morning and said they look excellent. He’s been off blood thinners for a little over a week, so he hasn’t had a problem with excessive bleeding from the wounds.
But, he also has developed some bruises on his calves. That worries me, given his history with blood clots in his legs and lungs.

All in all, he is having a decent morning. I hope he continues to feel better as the day progresses.
And I really hope that the pain monster doesn’t rear it’s ugly head again today now that dilaudid is off Chad’s drug cocktail menu.

Thank you, as always, for your support, concern, prayers and encouragement.

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