Friday Feast: DIY Donuts

My apologies for skipping the Feast last Friday. I thought about it, and before I knew it, I was washing dishes Sunday evening.
A few weeks ago, I made these donuts for breakfast. Every time I make them, I’m reminded of being in a gaggle of 9-year-old girls, extremely sleepy from a night full of movies, popcorn, make up trials (and misses), prank phone calls and gossip. These donuts were a staple of my childhood. Sleepovers were planned around them; and my friends and I devoured them. By the dozen.
My mom was always happy to make more, and I love passing this recipe onto my girls.

I don’t make these often, because they are so poppable. You make ’em, and you pop ’em in your mouth. Before you know it, you’ve eaten a whole batch by yourself.
And the possibilities are endless. I just dust them in powdered sugar. But think how tasty it would be to drizzle honey or chocolate with (or without) sprinkles. I’ve also thought about leaving the middle intact, and piping in someĀ  Bavarian cream. And then dipping the top in chocolate.
Oh. My.
I can feel my blood sugar rising just thinking about it!

I’ll leave you to your own devices with the toppings and fillings. The recipe is simple as can be – and kids can help, too.
Just keep two things in mind: buy the generic brand of biscuits. It works better for some reason.
And don’t buy the flaky biscuits; buy the butter-me-not variety. The flaky version just doesn’t do this recipe justice.

Here’s your starter recipe. Enjoy!!!

DIY Donuts
1 container refrigerated biscuits, “butter-me-not” variety
Powdered sugar (or other toppings as you see fit)

Heat canola oil in a large skillet; enough oil to cover half of the donuts.
Remove biscuit dough from cans.
If you wish, you (or your kiddos) may remove the middles with the twist-top of a soda bottle (wash it thoroughly first).
Save the holes – they’re tasty, too!

Place biscuits & holes in oil, fry until golden brown. Flip. Brown the other side.
This should take less than 2 minutes per side if your oil is hot enough.
Remove from oil and place on paper towels to remove as much oil as possible.
Once cool (about 10 minutes), dust with powdered sugar – or other toppings.
I find it’s easiest to place the powdered sugar in a large ziploc bag and add a few donuts at a time.
Let the kids shake it – it’s fun!

These don’t keep very well – so don’t make a ton if you’re not sure you can eat them in the first day or two.
But trust me, you shouldn’t have a problem…

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