The Birthday Extravaganza

Carys had a great birthday – thanks for all the cards, emails and comments!
She enjoyed her day SO much and loved reading everyone’s birthday wishes for her yesterday.

She started off the day with birthday waffles – complete with a candle on top.
She opened her gifts from Mommy & Cailyn before she went to school — and was thrilled about her little butterfly hoop earrings.

I also sent her flowers yesterday at school – which I’ve never done before.
She was so excited!
The staff at her school is just awesome and sent me pictures to let me know how happy Carys was all day.
I loved that – and I love that her teachers love my girl, too!

Seven pink roses for the seven-year-old…

We went to dinner shortly after school – and Carys picked Japanese. She LOVES it!

Here we are, right after dinner.
My poor girl ate so much that I think she’s going to be sick…

She also received her own personal cotton candy machine – should be a lot of fun for her girls ONLY (she keeps insisting that is GIRLS ONLY – ha!) sleepover Friday night. She’s invited two of her best friends – she is SO super excited. We plan to have cotton candy, pizza, popcorn and watch movies and paint nails.
Girly fun for my girly.
More pictures to come from that — and probably tales of lots of giggles and sleeplessness, I’m sure.

She also received some perfume (Love’s – wow, that brings back memories…) and a Justin Beiber poster (that she wants to hang over her bed…oy!). Gift cards – cash — man, she has more money in her wallet than I do…

And in case you’re wondering, yes. I did change my hair color. Love it! Carys isn’t so sure about it though — but I think she won’t even remember what my “other” hair looked like by the time Spring rolls around…

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3 Responses to The Birthday Extravaganza

  1. Jodi Lowe says:

    I love your blog, I love your hair and I think you are one amazing person! I have the upmost respect for you and I think anyone that has faith in God can make it through the toughest thing that you could ever imagine. God bless you, Chad and your girls.

    Jodi Lowe

  2. chris says:

    glad she had a super special birthday. She deserved it.

  3. Ruth Dees says:

    Wonderful birthday greetings for a special young lady!! I know it was a great one because of the smiles on your faces!! My prayers are for a GREAT year for you!!

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