Chad’s Rainbow

My awesome neighbors snapped this picture of my house last night.

Thank you for your prayers for mercy yesterday.

I am comforted by this image.
And I know that our prayers are being heard.

chads rainbow

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8 Responses to Chad’s Rainbow

  1. Cathy R. says:

    Chad's Rainbow….I love it!!!

  2. Ruth Dees says:

    Absolutely beautiful and affirmative of a true God who loves you and your family!!

  3. gavin729 says:

    What a Mighty God we serve!

  4. Lucille Kinney says:

    That is God's Covenant with you and Chad once again! What an awesome God we have!

  5. Jdspencer04 says:

    I saw this last night, and instantly thought of Chad and your family and said a prayer.

    David and Jessica Spencer

  6. Carla says:

    The picture is not nearly as beautiful as it really was. I have been praying for mercy and I know God hears us. This is definitely Chad's rainbow. I love you Chad and Skye!

  7. Lucy Shell says:

    Speechless- beautiful!

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