daily update 9.25.2010

Chad slept so well last night that no one wanted to disturb him.
Not a bad thing, until the morning came and he was soaked.
Being wet for hours, in itself, is bad enough. Thankfully, he didn’t even realize it because he was so tired.

When we finally decided we couldn’t wait any longer to change him, we woke him.
He was a little confused upon first waking, which is normal. But it lasted a little longer than “normal”.
It was quickly apparent that everything needed to be changed – sheets, pillows, his shirt.
And, unfortunately, it was quickly apparent that even the slightest movement caused Chad great pain.

I held he left hand and directed him to squeeze as hard as he could. But it wasn’t enough to take his mind off the discomfort.
We decided it would be best to get a dose of pain medication in him before going any further.
It worked quickly, but only took the edge off. He was still very uncomfortable and let out several gasps during his bath and linen changes.
Poor guy.
He was clearly in pain and it was something we clearly had to do — he had to get clean and his linens had to be changed.
He just let out gasps and moans each time he was touched. It was so sad.
After a few minutes, that I’m sure felt like eternity to him, it was over.

And I asked a question I didn’t want to ask — but had to.
“Should we put the catheter back in to avoid hurting him like this every time he needs to be changed?”
And they had already thought of that — and yes, it was a wise choice.

I explained what was happening to Chad and told him it would help him feel better and keep him out of pain — and he let them do it. Without a single complaint.
He doesn’t particularly like the catheter’s presence now, ten hours later….but it will help.
He tried pulling it out this evening during his medication time, and we had to coax his grip around the tubing.

During his bath this morning, one of the CNAs noticed a purple spot on Chad’s right  heal.
The beginning of a bed sore.
Not good. Not cool.
It’s not a huge deal right now, but it will become an issue very soon if we can’t figure out a way to avoid ALL contact on his heel. That’s proving to be difficult as he hates the pillow to be under his legs. He doesn’t want it there. Period.

And just now, 9pm, I noticed a spot on the inside of his left heel.
Double ick.
After talking with a few of the nurses, we tried to prop his legs up on a pillow and then place tightly-rolled hand towels directly under his heels. It’s supposed to keep the affected areas completely up & off of anything — any pressure at all will make it worse.

Let’s just say that he doesn’t really like that either. He wiggled the towel out from under his feet quickly.
Then he fell asleep and I put it back.
Hopefully, he can rest comfortably for a while and avoid any contact with the mattress and linens.

He hasn’t been moving around much in bed the last couple of days, obviously.
He hasn’t been interested in getting out of bed at all, and has resisted any requests to get into the recliner.
He’s just not up to it.
But in true Chad-style, tomorrow could be different.

I went to dinner close by tonight with some of our friends.
It was nice to get out and have an actual conversation – and a full meal.
I guess I eat about one meal a day, but I do snack.
I know a lot of you are worried about me, and have specifically noted the weight I’ve lost.
Trust me, when I am hungry, I eat.
I’m not hungry very much, but I do make myself have a little something every few hours – so put it out of your mind.
I am fine.
I’m resting when I’m able to.
I’m taking some time for myself every day, even if it’s a walk outside or an aimless drive around the area.

After dinner, Jeff & Sabrina came by to visit with Chad.
Luckily, he was already awake.
He didn’t say much, but did giggle a few times and smiled!!! when they were about to leave.
It’s so good to see him smile. I haven’t seen that in quite some time.
The giggles are so funny, and extremely heartfelt on his part.
He wants us all to know he’s still in there — Chad is still there.
It makes me so happy to see it every now and then – and I hope that there are more moments like that tomorrow.

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