Quite Smitten

Oh. My. Sweetness.

I let Josie out this morning before the girls got up. When she was done with her business outside, she leisurely strolled through the kitchen. Then, as if she instantly remembered the girls, she made a mad dash for the end of the hallway where their bedrooms are.

Cailyn’s door was open, so Josie dove onto her bed first; her little nubby tail was electric! She sniffed the bed and was extremely disappointed that Cai wasn’t there. (Cailyn has been having nightmares and is scared of monsters all of a sudden, so she often ends up in bed with her sister).
Josie quickly realized she needed to go to the other bedroom; and she leaped onto the bed so happily. They were awakened by kisses and Josie love. Cailyn was giddy. Carys took a little longer, but she was soon awake and doling out hugs and kisses to her new little best friend.

At night, Josie paces from each of the girls’ bedrooms to check on them.
I hate having to put her in her crate at night when she looks so cozy cuddled up on one of their beds with them.

Josie was just laying there this morning, rolled over on her back with her feet in the air and tongue wagging as fast as her tail.
And I thought, “Yes. This is what was missing.”
Seems a little silly, I know.
But I genuinely forgot how good it feels to have a dog. Their constant companionship and love; it’s just so comforting.
And everyone seems so much happier.
All thanks to a scrappy little 13-pound rescue Jack Russell.

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  1. andylancaster says:

    We cannot imagine our life without Cody – our 3 year old Westie. Kim and I had Champ, a Cocker Spaniel, before Brittany was born. When Brittany came into our lives Champ used to sleep under her crib protecting her. If Kim or I entered the room everything was cool. If someone else entered the room Champ would growl until Kim or I showed up to tell him everything was ok. Champ passed away a few years ago when he was 14. EVERYONE in our family cried for days. We miss our Champ but we LOVE our Cody!

    Andy Lancaster

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