Snow Day #2

And….school is officially canceled for tomorrow!

Snow Day 2 035Snow Day 2 033Snow Day 2 032Snow Day 2 026Snow Day 2 024Snow Day 2 0201 Snow Day 2 0671 Snow Day 2 0631 Snow Day 2 0621 Snow Day 2 0601 Snow Day 2 045

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4 Responses to Snow Day #2

  1. shannonknox says:

    Looks like they are having so much fun! So wish we lived closer!! Love you guys!

  2. carlabjones says:

    Why didn't you go sledding, Skye? Great pics! Come over and play after naptime if you and the girls want to play inside…out of the cold…burrrrrrrrr!

  3. melissawilliams says:

    what a fun day! I love the pictures!!!

  4. sip says:

    great pic of your MOM sledding!!! too funny!!

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