My semi-regular Chad update

I apologize for not updating on Chad more regularly.
There’s just not much to say.
No change really. He’s still in pain.
He has been taking less pain medication — only because he feels like it has lost it’s effectiveness.
He is still battling insomnia and fatigue; a constant struggle.

He did tell me he feels a little less “foggy”; as in, he feels he can think a little more clearly. Sometimes.
His memory isn’t getting better, at all. I hesitate to say it’s getting worse; it’s just not getting better.


Last week, Chad called me while I was out an about.
He couldn’t remember how to set the timer on the microwave.
I walked him through it.
Also, last week, he forgot how to use the remote for the television. Not the basic functions; but how to pause the on-demand programming with Time Warner Cable.
I walked him through it.


My mom held down the fort while I was gone over the weekend for H+R’s weeding.
She said Chad was up and moving around quite a bit — which I kind of suspected. He felt like he needed to be up for the girls, since I wasn’t here. I think he successfully tired himself out!

This week, he’s surprised the girls (and me!) by getting up relatively early to eat breakfast with them before school. Then he goes back to bed shortly thereafter. I must admit, it’s been nice having an extra set of hands to help me get the little Lanford ladies ready for school in the mornings. He’s usually in bed until around 1pm, when Cailyn & I return for the day.


I have been thinking about doing a fundraiser for a while now.
Stay tuned for details about this event!


We successfully sold Chad’s truck this week. I advertised it for less than a week and it was G-O-N-E.
I think Chad felt better once he met the family that planned to purchase the Sport Trac. We definitely hated to see it go; but we are also happy that the new owners will take as good of care of it as Chad did.
Thanks to all of you who helped get the word out about the truck — I really appreciate your support.

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