Things that happened today

If you follow my ramblings on Facebook, you know that I was busy yesterday. Elbow-deep in paperwork. And frustrated.
And if you don’t follow my ramblings on Facebook, well…I’m telling you now: I was busy yesterday. Elbow-deep in paperwork. And frustrated.

But I did complete Chad’s Social Security paperwork. (Insert audience applause and cue “Eye of the Tiger”)
Not only is it complete, but I actually submitted it, folks!
I had to print eleven copies of medical release forms — because the SSA (Social Security Administration) wants to send them to each doctor, clinic or hospital that has treated Chad in the last two years. Fo’real. Only eleven? It is actually more than that, but I cannot possibly be expected to remember the attending physicians for each ER trip. Or can I? Oh, well. Someone will fill the SSA in, I’m sure.

This morning, after I dropped the girls off, I made my way to SSA local field office.
It was quite an eye-opening experience. Lots of different folks. From lots of different walks of life. All crammed in one very small room.
Thankfully, I made it there before 10am (note to self: NEVER arrive at the SSA after 10am. Unless you like to pretend you’re a sardine packed in a can full of lots of other sardines.) and only had to wait about twenty minutes.

I’ll admit it. It was hard. Sitting in a room full of people who are all there for different reasons….but I knew what my reason was. I caught myself getting teary-eyed a few times, but I reminded myself that this is best for Chad. This is best for the girls. This is best for all of us, as a family. Moving forward is the only way to move.

A woman called “Number eighteen to desk two!” over the speaker, and I made my way there. I attempted to explain the situation in as few sentences as possible. (It’s hard to do!) The clerk then had to get her manager….who then came to ask more questions. But he was polite, and assured me that he was going to submit my paperwork to Raleigh by this afternoon as the latest.
He also told me, given Chad’s ultimate prognosis, that we should expect to hear a response (approval or denial) within three months. I was relieved; that’s hardly the amount of time I was warned it could take. He proceeded to tell me that if we were denied, to contact him directly and he would handle our appeal.
The word appeal makes my stomach ulcers revolt – so I am not thinking about it for now.


Chad got up around 3pm today.
By the time I got home at 4:15, he couldn’t remember if he had eaten anything yet. He did take his meds, though.
And he took a shower last night without me bugging him to do so.

Tonight, he says he’s feeling a bit better. He says his headache is not as bad this evening, but is anticipating it coming back as soon as NC State loses tonight. He didn’t say that — but I suspect that’s when the headache will come back….of course, I’m kidding.


I ordered my new insulin pump today. I hope it will make things easier for me because I have had a hard time managing diabetes with all of the stress lately. I also have an appointment at the Diabetes Center this week — so I’m hoping I can get the upper hand with my glucose again very, very soon.


I started working outside the house again today. I’ve been doing inside sales for the same company for a little over 2 years – –  and now I’ll be adding outside sales as well. I saw a few people today and it was good to talk to someone over the ages of 3 and 6.


I also got my dress fitted for Holly’s wedding on the 23rd. And I bought shoes. And I successfully tired out my 3-year-old by lugging her to about 13 different shoe stores before my 3:00 dress fitting. Oh, her mood was ugly by the time we were done…and yes, I know it was all my fault!


Anything else?
I don’t think so — but I’ll be back tomorrow.
And I hope to have some new pictures soon. I haven’t taken many lately, but I will soon! I get to test out a new fancy lens next week prior to Holly’s wedding, so I bet you’ll see my little divas posing about this time next week. And maybe even Chad. And maybe even me.


Happy Tuesday night!

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  1. lchorba says:

    You are one of the strongest woman I know. Hugs to you. You are doing great. Take care of yourself! Linda

  2. lchorba says:

    You are one of the strongest woman I know! Hang in there and take care of yourself! Linda

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