I missed a day!

I was doing good there — blogging a little something every day. I had planned to write a little post yesterday, but the day got away form me.

Chad is still feeling crummy.
He said his headache was tolerable for a while on Saturday, but was back to it’s normal intensity by the evening.
He also ate a bit more Saturday without me bugging him to do so — which was great to see.
Yesterday, he was in bed a great part of the day, but also was up long enough to spend some time with the girls and I.

Today, Chad got up at 9:15am to eat breakfast.** At a “normal” time. That is great news for the day so far!
He’s currently eating his favorite breakfast – oatmeal – and watching the History channel, which has also become a favorite in the last few days. It’s driving the girls nuts. They miss having the Disney channel on 24/7.

**Ah, never mind. It’s now 9:30am and he’s back in bed because his headache spiked.
At least he got something to eat!

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