A beautiful wedding today

There are two things in life that can never be re-created. Ever.
The joy of a bride. And the scent of a newborn.

Earlier today, I shot a beautiful wedding for Rebecca & Fred. I am not going to post any pictures of them — because I want them to be surprised! But I will show you three photos from the day.

This couple is so very, very special.
As I listened to their story, it gave me goose bumps. Literally.

I may be butchering the details, so forgive me — but it’s a sweet, touching story.

Imagine falling in love with a boy when you’re 13. And you plan to marry at 18. Only, your mother so desperately wants you to go to college — and not get married just yet. So, you don’t.
And then many years pass.
Out of the blue one day, you receive a phone call that your boyfriend from your teenage years -who you’ve not spoken to since that time- has suffered the loss of a parent.
That love comes rushing back and without questioning it, you go to him — all the way from North Carolina to Kansas.
And you get engaged four weeks later; blissfully marry about 6 months later?
Can you imagine that?
Loving someone so much, for so long, that distance and years cannot keep you apart?

I was just so touched by them, their genuine affection for each other, and the absolute happiness that Rebecca exuded today. From the moment I walked in this morning, she was giddy. Just absolutely giddy.

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Brandom!

Evans-Brandom wedding 441Evans-Brandom wedding 051Evans-Brandom wedding 044

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3 Responses to A beautiful wedding today

  1. Rebecca Evans says:

    Skye, thank you so much for your kind and sweet words. It was a beautiful day to celebrate what life has brought to us – twice! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!!

    With affection,

  2. Cyndi says:

    What a wonderful day it was! Just goes to show how timeless love truly is!

  3. Erika says:

    Hi Rebecca
    story sounds familiar 🙂
    Got a shock this morning when I got an undeliverable message from you QID.
    I would be happy if you sent me your private email so we can keep in touch.

    looking forward to hearing from you.

    your friend

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