Another day we wished was better

Yesterday, Chad came out of the bedroom for 3 hours.
Today, he was us for about 5. That’s an improvement I suppose.

I left him sleeping this morning when I dropped the girls off at school and went to a meeting. When I got back home around 2pm, he was in bed still. He was watching television in bed, which is really unlike him. He usually doesn’t watch television – something about just wanting to sleep and wanting the bedroom to be as quiet as possible.
I was asking my usual questions, about how he feels, if he’s hungry, did he take his medicine — and he told me that he felt like crap, he wasn’t hungry (but had eaten some cereal anyway), he took his meds, and he threw up.

Not what I was expecting to hear.

He does not have a fever – so we don’t think it’s a tummy bug right now.
And, seriously, if it was a tummy bug — why haven’t I gotten it? I sleep right beside him – if he has a tummy bug, I should have it too. Those things are more contagious than anything else, you know!??!

The pain meds are not working, and I promised I would call Dr. T tomorrow to get a prescription for something else. At some point, we have to find some medication that works. Or, at least, I hope we do.

Chad got out of bed around 5pm, and headed back to bed about 10:00. Better than yesterday, but still not great.
He is still not hungry, but he is eating when I ask him a million times. I think he just wants me to shut up 😉

Will update again tomorrow at some point.

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