Ask the Lanfords, v 3.0

I realize I’ve lost a bulk of my readers during my hiatus. I’m sorry. Please come back!

I’ve had time to get my head together the last few days (which can be a very daunting task, let me tell you!) and I want to share some things with you.
I’ve been answering some questions lately – and it dawned on me that other people surely have these questions too. So, here we are.
You mentioned that Chad was cutting his work hours. What does this mean?
It means he won’t be a full time employee¬† anymore. He’s going part time.
And as far what else it means, we don’t know yet.
We keep insurance, benefits, etc.

Did you hear from the doctor last week?
Um, no. I called every day for a week. I talked to the secretary, who is very pleasant. And as much as I like talking to her, she doesn’t have a medical degree from Harvard in brain surgery. So she’s not a lot of help. She can’t make the doctor or the PA call us….but I hope that she can sway them to call us a little more promptly.
We have an appointment scheduled for November 5th, which is right around the corner. But I really wish I knew what was going on right now.
I am severely aggravated, and am thankful that Chad kind of perked up after his seizure Thursday evening.

What? Perked up? Seizure? Thursday?

Yes. Chad had a seizure Thursday evening while we were outside with the girls. They didn’t notice what was going on, and it was a quick one, about a minute.
I’m not sure why he would feel better after a seizure – maybe it relieves the pressure or something? It’s a new question for his medical team.

How do you keep the girls from seeing seizures?
First of all, they don’t happen that frequently. Thankfully.
And secondly, we try to catch the activity before it becomes a full seizure. Chad can usually feel them coming and we have enough time for me to usher the girls into another room or distract them in some other way. Last week, for instance, I was able to play an impromptu game of hide-and-seek when I realized why Chad had suddenly dropped to the ground. They were so excited about playing the game that they didn’t think twice about Chad being on the ground. The hid and i “counted” long enough for the spasms to stop and all was well.

What are cooking lately? I haven’t seen anything on the Friday Feast.

I’ve been cooking, trust me.
I have some recipes to add – but I just never get around to it. This week – I plan to have a new recipe up this week! Hopefully.
I am in a cooking rut & I would really like some new recipes – please email me your favorites. Please, pretty pretty please?!?!

What’s with the Flickr pictures on the right hand side of the blog?
I finally created a Flickr account. I have meant to do it so many times, but I just never did it.
I’m taking my love of photography a step further and actually putting my work out there for others to see. If they like it, great. If not, that’s okay too. I’m still learning and I still love it. Life keeps getting in the way of my creative side, so I’m hoping for a few new opportunities to help push me.
Keep looking for updates on my new photography site. I have a temporary site right now, but it will be evolving as soon as I find the time.

I’m calling it quits for tonight.
Please email me your questions if I still haven’t answered something you’re curious about.

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One Response to Ask the Lanfords, v 3.0

  1. sherricabascango says:

    Hi Skye,

    Cristian is home sick – again – so I thought I'd catch up on your blog. It was nice to see you at Walgreens. Did you ever get your flu shot?
    Well, I guess you all still have lots of ups and downs. You are in my thoughts. ..
    Just a quick note.
    Carys and Kay Kay are such beautiful little girls – so full of life and spunk! Despite all of your stresses, you and Chad are doing such a fine job raising these precious children. God has obviously given you both gifts as parents.
    Hope to see you soon!
    Sherri Cabascango
    PS I have two pictures of Carys at the farm. I'll get them to you when Cristian gets healthy.

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