Where are the Lanfords?

Where have we been this month?
I wish I could say we were on vacation.

But, no.
We’re just busy with school.
And my laptop died.
That pretty much sums it up!

School is going great for both girls. Carys is finally in her groove and is loving Kindergarten.
And Cailyn isn’t very happy taht her school is only open for 3 days per week. She would live there if she could.
Carys started soccer last week – and loves it! She’s already talking about Spring soccer, and I really hope she continues to love it.

Chad is doing well.
He’s had a bunch of tests for a mystery pain in his belly — but we still don’t know the cause.

I celebrated my 30th birthday at the beginning of the month (Labor Day), and I have tons to tell you about that.
I baked a cake for Chad’s co-workers as a Thank You – more to come on that.

I have tons of pictures to share with you – at some point.
My poor little laptop is trying to come back to life. I miss it – and I am so behind on everything because of it’s current difficulties.

I’ll be back – at some point.
I just didn’t want you all to think something terrible had happened here…well, it did. Thankfully, I was able to save all of my important files on my computer before it went kaput.
Sweet technology.
I hate you.
And I love you.
And I miss you!!!!

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  1. Amy says:

    Hope your laptop is back up soon. I think we all agree it sucks when your own computer goes down. I agree about the vacation bit…wish I could say the same lol.

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