My end-of-Summer Haiku

(Alternate title: Carys finally jumped off the darn diving board and went down the darn slide. Finally. After I pleaded with her to try it all Summer. And her friends convinced her in 3 seconds.)

Summer is fading
She dove right into the deep
And is scared no more




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3 Responses to My end-of-Summer Haiku

  1. carlabjones says:

    Yay, Carys! I am glad she finally got the courage to jump! But it also reminds me of my mother's saying, “If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?” I guess we can save that famous mom saying for when they are teenagers!

  2. ametzger says:

    WTG Carys!! Diving boards and slides are scary stuff. Amelia went down the slide sans life vest and at the bottom convinced the lifeguard that she was drowning. All the while her head was above water!!

  3. heelhome1 says:

    Way to go, Carys! Face the fear!

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