My funny child

Carys and one of her friends asked me if I had a baby in my tummy yesterday. Yikes.
I wanted to reply, “No, I just like donuts. A lot.” But I didn’t. I laughed. Because I do like donuts. And, well, food in general.

And then I took it for what it was; a nice little reminder that I don’t have to stress eat anymore (or at least as frequently) and I need to take care of myself now that the man of the house is feeling better. So, thank you to the Truth-Telling Little People in my life.

While we’re on the topic of big bellies, I thought I would share this Carys funny with you.

Carys likes to write – anything and everything. Her new favorite thing to do is copy the headlines on magazine covers. She could do that for hours. It gives her practice at forming letters & I’m all for it!

But, there is a slight problem with her new hobby.
She has no idea what she is writing. Sure, she knows the letters, but she can’t read them.

She was working away yesterday, making a “card” for her VBS teacher. She’s a sweet girl – she likes to make cards for everyone. I let her go on and wasn’t paying much attention to what she was writing, or what she was writing on.
Luckily, I noticed a rolled up napkin in her hand as she was heading out the door for VBS and I asked her if I could see it.

Oh. My.
Am I ever glad that I checked the “card” before she lovingly (and unknowingly) passed it on to her VBS teacher.


Oh yes, you read that correctly.

The first line has some random letters and her name, followed by:
Carys : )

Whoa. Whoa. And WHOA.

I laughed so hard, and Carys didn’t understand what was so funny. I wouldn’t let her take the card to VBS, which she pouted about. But she got over it after I promised to help her make a different card today.

That child. She is so funny. And she doesn’t even try most of the time.
And I sincerely hope I can get her off the topic of bulging bellies!

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  1. BOB says:


  2. Chad says:

    Chad was here!

  3. amy says:

    That is so funny. She has good handwriting for a kindergartener.Kiowa likes to Make cards also, but lucky for me she will ask everyone to spell the words to her. If it will help you any Cheyenne called me her daddy's “Lady friend”. We thought it was funny but told her that is not a word for mom's.

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