It’s OVER.

041bToday, I escorted Chad to the radiation suite of the Cancer Center for the very last time.
And I did a little happy dance inside.

The girls & I were up late (for them, anyway) last night, baking and decorating cookies for the radiation staff. They were tickled!

All of Chad’s labs came back good today, as usual.
All of questions were answered, and I guess I’ll just share them with you so you can feel like you were there with us in the exam room.

When is Chad’s next check-up at the Cancer Center?
In two weeks, for labs and a follow-up with Dr. Reilly (radiation oncologist).

When and where will the MRI be conducted? And how often will Chad have MRIs now?
It will be the August of 12th, at Rex.
If there is nothing notable in the MRI next month, Chad will most likely have MRIs every six months for the first year until regrowth occurs.

And what about that tumor regrowth?
Chad will be watched very closely for the first year, as that is the time period is which it’s most likely to occur. He will still be watched fairly closely for the next three years.

When will Chad have his hair back?
He should have a semi-full head of hair in about 3-4 months, as some of the patchy areas do have peach fuzz already.
Oh, the body is a miraculous thing isn’t it?

What about work? And driving?
Take it easy on both fronts. It may be okay to start working from home starting late next week or the week after that; but it’s completely up to Chad and how he feels.
Same with driving – he needs to “refresh” his driving confidence, and he’ll be taking short trips from home to adjacent neighborhoods in the next few days.

When can Chad stop chemo?
Right now! He’s done!
And no one is happier about that than Chad, I can assure you! We hope the stomach pains will subside and he will regain his appetite.
(I guess that means I’ll have to start cooking again, but I don’t mind. It will be nice one I get back in the groove again.)

As always, we appreciate your support, prayers, positive thoughts and concern.

We’re looking forward to getting back on a normal schedule and having conversations that don’t include any medical jargon. You may not see as many Twitter updates or blog posts in the next couple of weeks though – don’t be alarmed.
Carys starts a Kindergarten Entry program tomorrow through the next two weeks, I’ve got to make up for lost (and promised) quality time with the girls, and I’ve got a lot of other workish things going on. And, I think I’ll finally be able to kick my insomnia habit now that this radiation schedule is behind us. We’ll see — and I hope I didn’t just jinx myself!

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  1. skyelanford says:

    this is a comment under disqus. working? alrighty then!

  2. shannonknox says:

    So glad this part is over for you! I so hope you start getting back to feeling like “Chad” again! We miss you and even all the smart comments!! Love ya bunches, your favorite cousin named Shannon!!!

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