A trip to the market is like a vacation

It rained all day today, so we were itching to get out of the house.
We decided to go grocery shopping — and wouldn’t you know I had an extra set if hands this time? I was shocked that Chad felt like going with us, but he did!

When I announced we were going shopping, Cailyn was very excited. She wanted to wear her sparky shoes (red glitter shoes from her Halloween Dorothy costume). I obliged.

When I buckled her in her car seat, it dawned on me that she was wearing her dress-up clothes.
Oh, whatever. She was absolutely giddy about all the “pretty ballerina” comments she received in 45 minutes!


Chad perused the aisles and put a few things in the cart — which made my day! You have no idea how good it feels to see him getting his tastes back.

And of course Carys was there too – sticking by the cart to see what goodies we were going to have for the week.


True to form, she managed to convince me that she needed some Skittles while we were checking out. “Every kid needs Skittles, mommy. It’s like tasting a rainbow….aaaaand you know that commercial where that man eats his friend’s magic Skittles and his friend’s hair falls out? We don’t want that to happen.”

Oh no, what we don’t want is for our kiddos to watch entirely too much television and start reciting insane commercial plots to you.
I’m just saying.

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  1. sip says:

    i can't believe i missed this post – the pictures of chad with the little ballerina (in her best Dorothy shoes) are precious. so funny!

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