Because everyone loves ice cream

I’ve been a bad blogger lately. My apologies.

I’ve been trying to keep the girls permanently pruny from too much pool water. That kind of back fired on me last week, as Carys landed herself at the pediatrician’s office for swimmer’s ear. Oopsie.

Cailyn is learning to “swim”. That’s in quotation marks because she swims by standing on the pool steps. Woot, funfunfun.

Chad’s doing okay. He’s has EIGHT more radiation treatments and then about 5 days of chemo after that. Hopefully, all will be quiet on the IT front for a while.

The girls and I headed off to the beach last weekend and had a great getaway. We wish Chad felt like joining us, but I’m sure he enjoyed the calm house, too.

This weekend, we’ll be visiting with family at the lake. Should be a fun time.

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!

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