The best day of her little 3-year life

Yesterday, Cailyn had “the best day. Ever.”
I don’t know – she looks pretty miserable in all the pictures I took.
But you be the judge.
She ran around all day in a bathing suit that was a tad too big for her tiny hiney.
Her tiny derriere caused quite a bit of giggling from her party guests.
She received some super spiffy playground equipment.
But she didn’t like it. At all. Can’t you tell?!?
Her little toes and fingers are still pruny from being in the pool for a better part of the day.
She didn’t enjoy it one bit. Poor kid.

And just for the record, the non-birthday girl had a terrible time.
Just awful. We couldn’t get her to smile for anything.

And just so you know, the Littlest Lanford is not the fastest (or most dry) water gun slinger in these parts.

Then it was time to eat cake.
Sorry there wasn’t enough for everyone.

Make a wish, baby!
She had to blow it a few times, but she finally got it!

Cailyn really did have a great day yesterday — and I think all of her little buddies did, too.

Here are a few shots of her sand castle cake.
It was quite yummy. And I hated to cut into it.
And thankfully, we sent plenty of it home with other folks so we don’t have to keep eating it!
(The first shot was before I finished decorating it – I didn’t want to forget to take a picture of it, so I did early.)

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6 Responses to The best day of her little 3-year life

  1. Linda says:

    Another beautiful cake Skey! You are so talented! Great job!

  2. shannon knox says:

    I know Landon and Bradon had a blast!! They slept on the way home!!

  3. jennifer says:

    Skye the cake looks great. Looks like the girls had a great time and thank goodness the weather was beautiful!!

  4. Carla says:

    LOVE the piggy toes picture! The girls and I had a wonderful day chillin’ out in the shade! Way to kick off the summer vacation!

  5. sip says:

    that cake is SPECTACULAR. probably so good that those kids will be eating sand next time they go to the beach, eh?

  6. Amanda says:

    Happy Birthday to Cailyn….I knew their birthdays were close but I always forget how close….it looks like she had a lot of fun and the cake was beautiful…great job.

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