The black cat & what happened to my garden

black-catA few weeks ago, the girls and I were watching a movie during a Spring shower. We hear what sounded like kittens meowing outside.
Our cat, Fiona, had recently had three adorable kittens and we were trying to figure out how she got the kittens outside.

We found the little fur monsters – upstairs where we had left them.

So where was this mystery meowing coming from?

A neighborhood stray had moved her kittens into our garage to get out of the rain. I don’t blame her, poor thing.
There were four little bitty kitties. Three black, one gray.

I fed and gave the mama water, even though Chad begged me not to. I know, I know – if you feed them, they won’t leave. But I couldn’t let any of them starve to death. They were so skinny!

Anyway, she has since moved the kittens back outside. I bet she got tired of Chad locking her in the garage at night!
After a few days, we discovered she’s still in our yard. The kittens are now in the little alcove between our house and garage. And now there are only three kittens; one didn’t make it I guess.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon.
I was checking the garden and watering. The squirrels -and one very hungry mole- ate everything last Summer. We didn’t have anything at all. (And I forgot to water it a few times here & there, but we’re going to blame my garden’s demise on the squirrels, okay?) There is a large vacant area in the middle of the garden.
I was poking around, relocating some of the new sprouts to the barren area.
I didn’t understand why everything was thriving – except in the middle of the blasted garden!
Then I discovered it.
Black Cat has made my garden the neighborhood litter box.

My mother-in-law recently told me that some gardeners place used (scooped, but still cat-odorous) litter around the perimeter of the gardens to keep the squirrels at bay.

I guess that solves the mystery of my bald garden.
At least the squirrels are leaving my veggies and fruits alone!

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