First Day of Radiation

Today’s is THE DAY.
Chad is at his first radiation appointment as I type this; actually, he should be one his way back by now.

So, five weeks and 6 days left.
He starts low dose chemo on Monday and will continue for 42 days.

I didn’t go today, but I’m sure the girls and I will be joining him for a visit or two. And I’ll be sure to snap a picture of him on the radiation table.

The technicians were gracious enough to let us take a peek inside of the treatment room last week, but the table was in repair. It helped calm Carys’ nerves about what was happening.
There is only so much I can do to prep her little mind for something like this. I use the shortest, most age-appropriate terms, too. “It’s like magic, Carys. There’s a light and it kills all the bad guys and boo-boo in Daddy’s head.”
She’s content with that.

Stay tunes to Radiation 101. I’m sure you’ll learn quite a bit right along with us!

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