Cailyn & the “-irl” words

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of emotion for me; Carys ended preschool and Cailyn is about to turn THREE and will start preschool in the Fall. And she will let you know it, every chance she gets.

035She has invited everyone she sees to her birthday party, whether we know them or not. She’s invited several Wal-Mart cashiers (they’re apparently not strangers since we see them so frequently), people walking in our neighborhood, and a few random people at stoplights who happened to have their windows rolled down.

She really has changed a lot since her last birthday.
She basically potty-trained herself, even though I tried my hardest to aid in the matter. She just did it herself. It’s her style.
She’s more independent. Finally! She doesn’t go ballistic when I leave the room — which is so nice. For both of us!
She’s talking so much. All the time, actually.
She’s just a little princess; if it’s pink, frilly, glitter or lace, she has to have it. It’s such a change for me since Carys is not that way and neither am I.

Every morning after waking, she wants to eat breakfast. It’s always peach oatmeal (Why? Because she thinks peach is a pretty color). Immediately after breakfast, she wants to get dressed. There’s no lounging and relaxing in jammies for this little diva.
And don’t even get me started on her fashion choices. She is not a child that will wear whatever I lay out for her. They have to be “pretty clothes”. And it’s a little funny (but also embarrassing) that she requests that I wear “pretty clothes” too. She doesn’t like it when I wear gym shorts. Or t-shirts. Or anything other than a dress or skirt.
Man. If she’s already embarrassed of me NOW, what will it be like when she’s 13???

She’s a sweet, funny, spunky little girl.
And she’s still a baby. Sort of.
I finally captured her saying the funniest set of words in her vocabulary.
She can’t quite say anything that ends in “-irl”, or “L” for that matter. She pronoucnes them: “goar” (girl), “twoar” (twirl), “woar” (world), “sqoar” (squirrel), etc. It’s so stinkin’ cute and I am going to be so sad to see this last tidbit of babyhood go away. She’ll eventually learn to say these words, but for now, I cherish every time she says them incorrectly.
She is STILL two after all. For a few more weeks, anyway.

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