Saturday, 4:45pm EST, updated at 7pm

One of the doctors has cleared Chad to go home. Can you believe that?
Yea, me neither.
I was downstairs when the announcement was made, so I didn’t get a chance to immediately contest it.
While it’s great news to hear that the medical team thinks Chad is recovering nicely, it’s also a little overwhelming.

When I returned to the room & heard the news, I knew we would be stayin’ put.
Afterall, I’ve got the keys to the van, baby. And Mama ain’t goin’ nowhere.
I don’t think Chad’s ready to go home. Geesh. He just had surgery. Yesterday.
Luckily, Chad admitted he didn’t feel ready to go home just yet.
Whew. Talk about a sigh of relief.
Honestly, I will probably feel most comfortable going home on Monday.
Chad is feeling better today, but only marginally. If he gets some decent rest today and sleeps well tonight and tomorrow, I have no problems going home on Monday. I just don’t feel confident that it’s our time to go. Just yet, anyway. Tomorrow may not be out of the realm of possibility either. We’ll just play it by ear and see how he feels.

In other news, the incision dressings were removed this morning.
He has four incisions total, not three as I previously thought.
There is a new horseshoe shaped craniotomy incision just behind the one from last month, with a separate 1″ incision beside it. Then there is the 1.5″ incision in his neck. And the 3″ incision in his belly.
The belly would looks like it hurts the worst – the bruising is just insane in that area. But Chad insists the most annoying wound is the one on his neck. It’s keeping him from turning his neck to the right, and he has to be careful when sitting or laying down so that he doesn’t put any stress or pressure on that area. You don’t realize how often you use your neck and back muscles until something goes awry in those areas.

I’m updating on Twitter throughout the day, but not on the site necessarily. A lot of things aren’t quite worthy of a whole blog post, so just check my Twitter updates on my sidebar (directly under the Friday Feast banner on the right, towards the middle of the page).

Thank you for continuing to pray for Chad and his quick recovery. We appreciate your support!

Update at 7pm EST

Chad had his IV removed, ate dinner & we just went for a few laps around the unit. He’s feeling much better – even within the last couple of hours.
He is talking and acting normal, and even says he doesn’t feel like he’s in a fog anymore.
He is starting to get bored too, which is a good sign.
If things are still this good in the morning, I would say we’ll be on our way home.
I’ll update later.

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2 Responses to Saturday, 4:45pm EST, updated at 7pm

  1. Sabrina & Jeff says:

    Hi Skye,
    It’s so good to hear that Chad is feeling better. Glad to hear he is staying at the hospital a little longer until you all feel good about leaving. Tell him we’ve been thinking of him and that his strength amazes us!! Please let us know if you all need anything. We are only a phone call away.

    Sabrina & Jeff

  2. Heidi Toma Berggren says:

    Awesome news. I have been praying for Chad and I know that he is in the Hands of an Awesome God. I am so happy to hear that the surgery went well. I will keep you in my prayers.


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